Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Drought Will Continue

Pat Simmons and Team Canada scored one in the 11th end Saturday to get past Steve Laycock of Saskatchewan 8-7 and advance to the semifinal of the Tim Hortons Brier.

Laycock’s final shot, trying to get at Canada’s counter buried at the back of the button, just rubbed one of his own stones at the top of the four-foot, leaving Simmons not having to throw his last rock to win the Page 3-4 playoff game.
“I kind of had a feeling at the second hog line it wasn’t going to quite get there,” Laycock said of the shot. “It was really close but it was going sideways. I would have really liked to have seen him have to make his last shot because it was a tough spot to make that out-turn draw.”
Simmons admitted they were lucky to escape 10.
“Very fortunate,” he said. “They had a great opportunity there to win. It gets so straight at the end of the game and I think that caught him a little bit on that one. Looked like he had it made out of his hand.”
The Simmons rink then went on to beat Brad Gushue as the Moose Jaw skip made a tremendous shot with last rock in 10 to count 3 for an 8-6 win setting up Sunday's final against Brad Jacobs of Northern Ontario. 


Anonymous said...

Scruffy, that should be the John Morris rink and not the Pat Simmons rink. Simmons may be throwing skip stones now but its still the Morris foursome.

Anonymous said...

That might have been one of the best games I've seen Pat curl. He was money! If he had made shots like that when he was skipping Saskatchewan back in the day, we might not be talking about Rick Folk and the drought. Hope they can knock off Jacobs tonight. Those guys look like they need to be brought down to earth.


Anonymous said...

Down with the Roid Monkeys today