Monday, March 23, 2015

Something To "Mitch" About

--The Regina Leader Post's Greg Harder has gotten tongues wagging. There have been rumours kicking around about Queen City Sports and Entertainment perhaps wanting a new building for the Regina Pats, but until Saturday's paper came out, everything was just talk. For what its worth, with the new stadium coming in, I think those that run Evraz Place will be doing what they can to make that facility one of the best in Canada. Make no doubt about it, there is a LOT of work to do to accomplish that now, but I won't be getting excited about a new arena for this city until shovel goes into ground. I had someone ask me Saturday if this could be the start of a bigger plan with NHL dreams perhaps. I doubt it, but you never know. Lets see a blueprint as to how big this arena would be before we begin talking about it.

--Yorkton Terriers GM Don Chesney was very frank and honest Friday night during an interview on Access during Melville's SJHL playoff series against Nipawin. Chesney says when you take out the fighting and the rough stuff it takes its toll and that there are many games he has been to this winter that are boring. He says no one goes out and starts a fight anymore because of accumulations and the coaches getting in trouble. He adds with all the NHL on TV it makes it tough. The game between the two teams on Friday was a good game, but you don't get that every time out. Chesney isn't far off with his statements. We all know the Pats-Warriors rivalry has diminished in recent years and you know the Yorkton-Melville has as well as have many others. The question that must be asked is are we going to hockey games to watch fights and cheap shots or the skill of the players on the ice. If we are staying home because we are more interested in the violence, we have ourselves a big problem.

--It will be the Pats and Broncos in the first round of the WHL playoffs. The Pats did not finish the regular season on the right note and they have known where they are going to be for a while. Will that hurt them? We will find out Friday night. Both teams are very good and like it is in the playoffs, the goaltending will likely tell the story.  If I'm not mistaken, it did the last time these two teams played in the playoffs as Linden Rowat was absolutely horrific as the Broncos went on to win the first round.

--Blue Jays radio p x p guy Jerry Howarth has told Sportsnet he thinks Toronto will win 85 games this year. That won't be enough to make the playoffs. FWIW: I think Toronto will barely finish above 500 so put me down for 83 wins.

--The team to put some money on if you get a chance----the Seattle Mariners. Between Safeco Field and neighbouring CenturyLink Field, there are a couple of very good teams in the Emerald City.

--New CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge has said he wants to get all CFL cities to experience the various teams up close and personal. I suggested to new Riders CEO Craig Reynolds on Thursday at Jim Hopson's retirement dinner that Mr. Orridge should not come here first. When he sees what Rider Nation is all about, the rest of the league will pale in comparison. He needs to make the roadie to Mosaic in the latter stages of his tour in my humble opinion.

--CFL CEO Michael Copeland was at Jim Hopson's retirement dinner on Thursday night. He tweeted that he was in Regina and it smells like football. I thought since we were all at Queensbury Centre that perhaps Mr. Copeland was smelling Agribition. What????!!!

--Is it too late to nominate Andrew Hammond for the Calder Trophy and Devan Dubnyk for the Vezina? Where would the Senators and Wild be if it weren't for the play of these two. The play of Dubnyk is something else considering he wasn't very good in Edmonton or Nashville and looked to be on the way out of the NHL. All you need is an opportunity and both players have proven that. The same could be said for Dustin Tokarski last year.

--Can P.K Subban attempt to become a diver on Canada's national team? His act is somewhat ridiculous and is a big reason why I'm not a fan.

--It is frustrating watching Graham DeLaet do his thing week after week after week. I think we all know the guy is capable of winning his first ever tournament, but he just can't put the solid rounds together to be a consistent top 20 guy and if he does have a good start, he can't seemingly shoot that Saturday or Sunday 66 or 67 to grab that first place cheque. His chances at getting to the Masters are slim now that he didn't make the cut at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

--Kentucky is the overwhelming favourite to win the NCAA basketball tournament and there was no reason to suggest they won't while watching the opening weekend of action in March Madness. One of the Wildcats is Trey Lyles of Saskatoon. Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! He was born in Saskatoon because his dad was playing for the Saskatchewan Storm, but he never went to high school in Saskatoon as he did his thing in Indianapolis. I'm guessing he didn't shoot a lot of hoop before heading south of the border. I don't think we can classify this kid as one of ours.

--Where would basketball be in this country if it weren't for Steve Nash? He will go down as the Dan Marino of basketball to me.  That is a great player who could never find his way to a championship.

--Nice to see spring arrived by bringing us some winter. YEESH!!!

--Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

We can totally claim Lyles as one of ours. He's chosen to play internationally with Team Canada!

Anonymous said...

Like it or not Chesney is correct with his statements!

I don't think he is the GM in Yorkton anymore though.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for Steve Nash, we may not have a Trey Lyles or a lot of the other kids playing in the tournament right now.

Anonymous said...

Regina is not getting a new rink. The one we have is fine.

Like you said, if we are going to build a new rink, we will build one much bigger than the Brandt Centre and then chase the NHL dream.

Its not happening!


Anonymous said...

If Lyles' birth certificate says he's Canadian, that's good enough for me!

Anonymous said...

If Hammond gets the Senators in the playoffs, I would give him a vote or two for Rookie of year and goalie of year.

What a great story!

Anonymous said...

Can't disagree with what Chesney has to say.

Jr A hockey isn't even close to being what it used to be a decade ago and the same with the WHL.

Hockey muckety-mucks want a softer game and this is what happens.

Anonymous said...

His birth certificate is Canadian and he's chosen to play for Team Canada internationally, proud to wear the Red and White.

We'll take him.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for offering Craig Reynolds some advice. I'm sure that was a highlight of the early days of his tenure.


Anonymous said...

It would seem as if Mr. Markwart and company have some rather grandiose ideas.

If Mr. Markwart and his entourage wants to fund this arena 100 percent than I am all for it.

If not, forget it.

The Brandt Centre is just fine.


Anonymous said...


Put this guy in the commissioner's chair instead of the goof who is in there now and the SJHL might become relevant again!


Anonymous said...

most of the "canadians" are products of american prep schools. wow we gotta grab at smallest of straws.i guess steve nash was a reginan too.