Monday, May 2, 2016

Something to "Mitch" About

--Auston Matthews is presumably Toronto bound. The Leafs were successful in "tanking" down the stretch as they were awarded the number one pick overall in the NHL draft lottery Saturday night. As I said last year when Connor McDavid was up for grabs, I pity the kid if he ends up in Toronto because every move he makes will be scrutinized.  I hope he knows what he is in for.  Some have said he should pull off a "Lindros" and say he doesn't want to go to Toronto. That isn't the way to do things so I hope he doesn't. I can't help but wonder though if the Coyotes won't package up a deal for number 1 that could include Max Domi, pick 7 and many other things. Having Matthews in Arizona playing for the club he grew up watching and the club that got him interested in the game would be huge for that franchise.

--Will Rogers hire Wendel Clark, Doug Gilmour, Borje Salming or some other great from the past to do a lame ad campaign like Messier meets McDavid.  Will they have a reality show called "Auston City Limits"? The possibilities are endless!

--All in all, it was a good weekend for the Toronto sports fans as the Raptors came through Sunday night with a Game 7 win over Indiana, but they certainly allowed the Pacers to make it closer than they should have. Demar DeRozan came to play in Game 7, but Kyle Lowry is still off.  Win or lose, the sights and sounds around Air Canada Centre for Game 7 was incredible. It makes me wonder what it will be like when the Leafs finally make the playoffs and gather in the square outside Air Canada Centre. It is crazy enough for the Raptors, so one can only imagine how many they will shoehorn into there once the Leafs finally get back in the playoff dance.

--This Oilers fan would have loved to see the hockey Twitterverse explode by seeing Edmonton win the lottery, but I was quite happy to see them come in at 4.  I think GM Peter Chiarelli can use that pick to get the puck-moving defenceman Edmonton so desperately needs.  Number 4 isn't as attractive as Matthews and the two Finns, but someone will want to jump up there.

--Winnipeg picks number 2 and one has to think they will take a Finnish Flash 2.0, but both Patrick Laine and Jesse Pulijarvi have a long ways to go before they can even consider being like the original.

--Is it safe to say the TJ Oshie-Troy Brouwer is a deal that worked out for both the Capitals and Blues. Both are having outstanding playoffs for their new teams

--Should I just find it strange that Miami Marlins 2nd baseman Dee Gordon gets an 80 game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs when his hitting coach is Barry Bonds. Perhaps Gordon is taking one too many tips from Bonds.

--Congratulations to the Leader-Post's Murray McCormick. The growly big lug has been inducted into the CurlSask Legends of Curling Honour Roll as a media member, He has been to many curling rinks and events around this fine province of ours and he does just as good a job at covering the curling beat as he does the Riders. The only difference is that the curlers like him!

--Brett Cecil is out-Louping Aaron Loup. What the hell has happened to him? He has turned into Ricky Romero for gods-sake.

--Now that golf season has arrived, what's your favourite club in the bag?

--Canadian Pro Wrestling is alive and well if the attendance at High Impact Wrestling's Spring Meltdown is any indication. Almost 700 people packed their way inside to the Highland Club to watch Friday's event and while it went a little long, I think everyone went away from Gronkville entertained. There is more and more interest it would seem in the Regina wrestling scene and hopefully the momentum caused by Friday's show will spill over into the summer and beyond.

--I was pleasantly surprised Saturday afternoon to see Access Communications (at least in Regina) finally has the WWE Network. It didn't take long for the call to be made.

--The teams that made out the best in the NFL draft in my humble opinion were the Jaguars and Vikings. The Dallas pick of RB Ezekiel Elliott 4th overall will also propel the Cowboys back to being a playoff team. If the Jags and Vikes were the winners, the losers were Tampa and New Orleans.

--One month into the baseball season, the biggest surprise is the play of the Chicago White Sox who are an American League best 18-8. The biggest disappointment has to be Houston, who had a terrible month and the entire National League West as the Dodgers, Giants and Diamondbacks---all teams said to be National League contenders are under 500. There are still more than 100 games to be played though and a lot will change by as early as June 1.

--That's all I got. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Not a surprise that wrestling is popular in Regina.

Anonymous said...

The Messier-McDavid ad campaign was horrible. There is no need for Rogers to re-brand it using Matthews and whoever. Then again, this is Rogers and we know when it comes to hockey, horrible is their middle name.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't classify the Blue Jays as a disappointment?

Anonymous said...

Was at the wrestling show Friday. Very entertaining, but very long.

Anonymous said...

That's an enticing offer, but I don't see Toronto getting rid of the pick.

Anonymous said...

About HIW on Friday night - start on time, not 45 minutes late. And five hours is WAY too long. Even my hardcore wrestling buddies complained about the start time and how late it went. Gotta do way better in the future.

Robb E

Anonymous said...

I hope he does 'Lindros' the Laughs.