Sunday, June 12, 2016

Riders Make First Set of Cuts

The Riders have released 9 players in the wake of Saturday's pre-season loss to the Lions. The 9 are

·       International receiver Marquez Clark
·       International offensive lineman Will Corbin
·       National receiver S.J. Haidara
·       International running back Johnta Hebert
·       International defensive back Caesar Rayford
·       International linebacker Rollins Stallworth
·       International defensive lineman Ino Vitale
·       National defensive back Dan West
·       International receiver Devrin Young

The team resumes camp in Saskatoon on Monday with their 2nd and final pre-season game going in Edmonton next Saturday afternoon.


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I thought Vitale had some pretty good push last night. That one surprised me.

Will Haidara now go and work at the Lowe's outlet in the Northgate Mall?

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Wasn't Rayford supposed to be a stud in the middle? Looks like Jones and Murphy screwed up again.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one after seeing what happened last night know full well 2016 goes down the toilet if Durant gets hurt again if they don't find a capable QB. Smith and Coleman were terrible!


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Congratulations Pittsburgh Penguins and Chris Kunitz. Bring that Stanley Cup back to your Riffel Highschool this summer!