Sunday, June 26, 2016

Riders Roster Moves

After adding quarterbacks GJ Kinne and Bryant Moniz to the roster on Saturday, the Saskatchewan Roughriders made the following moves on Sunday morning

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the following roster moves:

·       National offensive lineman Dillon Guy
·       National defensive back Raye Hartmann
·       National defensive back Shane Herbert
·       National defensive lineman Ese Mrabure-Ajufo

·       International receiver Armanti Edwards

·       International running back Lache Seastrunk

·       The Riders also announced they have added two territorial juniors to the practice roster. Defensive back Menedum Menegbo and wide receiver Kristopher Calcutt of the Regina Thunder will begin practicing with the team today. 

·       International defensive lineman Sammy Brown

-        Shortly after originally signing in April, Brown suffered an off-field injury while training and was unable to attend training camp. He has reported to the team in order to continue rehabilitation.  

·       International defensive lineman Tony Criswell


Anonymous said...

Love how Chris Jones operates. I listened to the call in show on Edmonton CHED 630 last night and a couple guys said Benevides is no Chris Jones. Made me feel safe that Riders have him steering this ship.

Anonymous said...

One thing evident from this past weekend's games is how the CFL game has indeed improved on opening week with the 2015 rule changes firmly in place.

TSN has a real great product to promote. I just wish they would do like the NFL and show a game or two on their CTV stations to increase the eyes watching the games.

Kudos to those GM's who motivated the rules changes last year, we are in for some exciting football this year. (Boo to Mr. Taman and Mr. Chamblin for being opposed to the changes).

The other big key to a record season on the offensive display to follow is the health of the CFL's starting QB's. Each team has talent at QB. Consistency will be the difference.

Anonymous said...

obvious that Jones and the riders are desperate for some decent players. If Jones and Murphy knew anything about scouting they would not have to troll the other teams rejects. I think that the riders are in deep trouble and possibly for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Trolling other teams rejects? That's what every team in the CFL does. Are you familiar with the sport and how it works?

Anonymous said...

Trolls who comment on this site or any other for that matter, should be deleted and never posted. Perhaps if they had their soapbox taken away they in fact would go away. Jones brought lots of players in and out while he was in Edmonton. He finally put it together with what he needed and won. What did he win you ask? Only the Grey Cup! In just two years. What is sad is that these trolls who are both stupid and contemptible are allowed in free society without an ankle monitor. They even get to vote…soooo sad!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for allowing me to post Scruffy. "Let the season begin!"