Friday, August 13, 2010


Take away a couple of big runs from Jamal Robertson and Jonas Davis and there isn't much for Rider fans to complain about today. That was a very solid spanking of the Lions. Just some thoughts

--Darian Durant may not have had the flashy numbers, but he just continues to become an all-around quarterback doing it with his arms and legs. He was very Tracy Ham like on Thursday. Ham is a hall of famer with a couple of GC's on his resume. Durant may very well surpass those if he continues to escalate his play.

--It just doesn't matter who the opposition tries to take away when it comes to Durant's targets. BC didn't want Weston Dressler to make an impact, so Durant looked Rob Bagg's way instead. You can't stop everyone!

--What's Wally Buono going to do over the break?

--While Henry Burris is public enemy number 1 in Riderville, it is clear that Wally is #2 and perhaps number one in the eyes of some.

--Eddie Johnson has some outstanding hang time on his punts

--Geroy Simon needs to stop Twittering for a while

I don't know what the weather is going to be like this weekend, but I don't like what I'm hearing from the WMBL. The Red Sox-Swift Current game was called because of rain. They will try to play Friday with Games 3 and 4 now scheduled for Currie Field Saturday and Sunday. If the game tomorrow is rained out, it might be a best of three series. I know a majority of players on both teams have to get back to their US schools, but you can't make the final a best of 3. Weather threw a monkeywrench into the finals last year and it hurt the league's cred. Hopefully they can get everything in, but please throw away this best of 3 idea.
Looking at the crowd at the Rogers Centre on Thursday, I think baseball might be back in Toronto.
Those who had written Tiger off might have been a little premature. (For what its worth. I don't think he's winning)


Mike from Vita, MB said...

A nice win for the Riders, but it was due more to BC's mistakes than our execution. Both our offense and special teams are firing on 6 of 8 cylinders. Hopefully those challenges can be rectified after the bye week.
The D were monsters...kudos to Freeman, DP of the Week. Have a great week off guys.

Anonymous said...

What I would suggest they do it play double headers. This is two years in a row. The calibre is outstanding, but if you can't finish a season that effects credibility. Schedule the remainder of this series as double headers and get it over with as fast as you can. I don't believe the impact on gate receipts would be as bad as a person would think. It is still a championship series, and you sell tickets separately for each game.


Anonymous said...


One thought that I had last nite as I watched that demolition unfold was how bad BC"s offensive line is. Wally needs to shore that area up big-time. A first round pick for Joel Bell????


Honky Tonk said...

Wally is the most hated, he has beat us in how many big games, 04, 06 and 08.

As for Smilin Hank, he is the best free agent loss we have ever had! He has never beat us in a game that really matters (0-4), and if he was here, DD likely would not be! Every time I hear DD talk, and every time I see him play, I can't believe our good fortune to have him.