Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Changes

The biggest excitement coming out of today's pre-game festivities were the Riders had a team picture taken. That pic will be handed out for fans who attend the Family Fun Day just before the Labour Day Classic.
Murray McCormick of the LP asked Coach Miller during his press conference if there was any special significance for him on picture day as he sits around the men that he has developed into a Grey Cup contender. Miller said no, but there would be another picture taken later this year that would. I would have said the same thing because if all goes right, there will be a certain piece of hardware sitting there with the team. That is the picture that Miller and everyone in the organization wants.

No changes on the 46 man roster from last week. Told you it was rather bland. Rod Pedersen will be phoning me later today on the Sportscage to help tee up the game---one that the forecast is saying could be a very wet one.

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Anonymous said...

The Grey Cup would like nice in that picture. Someone can clean the snow off of those benches when the one is taken in late November. Screw it, they can take it at the 55 yard line at Commonwealth after winning it all!