Sunday, August 8, 2010

That Last Out Is The Toughest One To Get

My feet are sore, my wallet is empty, my youngest daughter has come home with four new stuffed animals to her collection, yet she still didn't get the one she wanted, and my oldest one has a couple of new ones to her collection. Yes, I spent the day at the Queen City Exhibition--well should I say basically Kiddieland.

From the time we got there just before noon until the time we got home, I'm guessing 80 percent of our time was spent in Kiddieland. If it hadn't been for a late afternoon thunderstorm, the number would have been higher.

The plan was to take the youngest one early, get her tuckered out and go back for Doc Walker. Uh---NO! That simply wasn't going to happen. From ride to ride to ride, to game, to game, to game to concession of choice, that was basically the way the day went.

As I said, my youngest daughter didn't get the stuffed animal she wanted (A Mr. Bump), she had her chances as all we had to do was win one more water game to get it for her. Its amazing though how after the water hit the button that you could feel the pressure in my gun get diminished thus I lost. Funny how that happens not once, but twice isn't it. That's the thing I hate about the Ex is that you are getting ripped off with the price and then the people in charge of the games are ripping you off by doing one thing or another. I can't blame the fine people at Evraz Place for this as it goes on everywhere. Its just frustrating when you know you are throwing your money away.

All in all, it was a pretty good time and I have no real complaints. The arrival of the Co-Operators Centre really makes for more exhibits to be made available and in a place that isn't as stuffy as the old Jubilee and Saskatchewan Building. There was a lot of empty space, but I'm sure that will get filled in years to come.
While at the Ex, I heard someone say the Jays pitcher had a no-hitter going through 6. I got on my Wireless Age Blackberry, went to Ubertwitter and found out that not only was Brandon Morrow pitching a no-no, but he was striking out everything in sight. I checked the Twitter feed to see he had it still going into the 9th. A few minutes later, I was anguished to learn Evan Longoria had broken it up with two outs...TWO OUTS!! That's gotta leave a mark. Didn't Roy Halladay have that happen to him in his first year with the Jays. I think it did. I've said it once and I'll say it again. I really think next year is the year where Toronto challenges for a playoff spot. It will be tough when you are in a division with Boston, the Yankees and Tampa, but Toronto can play with these guys and these young pitchers are just going to get better. Lets just put it this way, I like Toronto's chances of getting into the playoffs ahead of my Cubbies. They just continue to be an out of control grease-fire.
I'm starting to wonder if we will ever see the Tiger Woods of old. His game has hit an all-time low as evidenced by his performance at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. I don't even think Tiger is a factor for the PGA championship that starts Thursday. He just doesn't have it anymore. Methinks the personal hell he has been through has taken its toll on him.
The NFL pre-season has started. Just another month until the real stuff gets going. I love the CFL, but I LOVE the NFL. Reminder to self---call Access to subscribe to Sunday Ticket again this year. Speaking of the CFL, we have hit the one-third mark. I'll give you my thoughts on the first six weeks later this week and who would win awards if they were handing them out.
I know its Hall of Fame weekend in the CFL with the dinner and induction ceremony going in Saskatoon Saturday. The question I have is "Why are the Lions and Riders playing Thursday night?". Couldn't they play Sunday afternoon? The Hall of Famers could still be recognized Sunday. It sounds like Jarious Jackson will be starting at quarterback for the Leos. That doesn't surprise me.
I am hoping Rod Pedersen can get Tom Higgins on "The Sportscage" today. Mr. Higgins needs to tell people exactly what pass interference is and why his guys can't or won't call it. The display this weekend was simply atrocious. Higgins will never throw his guys under the bus, but he certainly can't sugar-coat the fact that this was a bad weekend for his guys.

The Moose Jaw Miller Express has forced a 5th and deciding game in their WMBL semi-final against the Regina Red Sox. The Express stayed alive with a win in Game 4 on their home turf Sunday night. Game 5 is tonight at Currie at 705. I don't think I can miss that one. The winner will play Swift Current in the final. The Indians will have home-field advantage against the winner of tonite's game. It would be great to see 1000 people at Currie. That might be a little unrealistic, but here's hopin'
Its time to put this tired carcass to bed. Have an outstanding Monday. OK, try to at least.

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Anonymous said...

The Jays are going to be a contender.
Thanks for reminding me about Sunday Ticket.
The Ex cost me $140