Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First The Eskimos, Now The Bombers

The "billboard" in Edmonton making fun of the 13th man and the 2009 Grey Cup loss has sparked a lot of debate in Saskatchewan. It would appear as if fans of the Bombers are now getting into the spirit as they have launched this on their Facebook page.

Like I've said before, if we are going to dish it out, we have to take it. I'm OK with this, and I applaud whoever thought this up for their ingenuity. Of course, this also means that after the /=S=/ have taken both games again this year that the Rider Nation can send cards of their own. Its only fair!!

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Ted said...

I thought the Eskimos billboards were funny. I don't mind other teams taking shots at us - we do it to others all the time - all in good fun. The key being timely & creative. The Winnipeg facebook thing though seems late and poorly thought out. First off, to go to this extent 10 months after the gaff took place makes them look like they are just getting the joke now - kinda late to the party. Secondly - the very coach that caused the mistake (I blame Kavis Reed)is now one of their coaches so it's like they are taunting their own guys now LOL - it's clear this wasn't thought through. This attempt by the team to stir up some fun/excitement kinda shoots themselves in the foot - not unlike their team seems to do on a weekly basis. I'm surprised LaPol (if he's even aware yet) has allowed this.