Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Replaces Macioccia?

With the release of Danny Macioccia as Eskimos GM, the rumour mill is starting as to who could be his replacement. The Canadian Press' Dan Ralph has compiled a list of names and I think you know who tops the list, but there are a couple of other interesting "candidates" as well. Take a look.


Anonymous said...

Duane Forde?

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt in my mind Tillman will be the next GM. If it wasn't for the lynch-mob mentality in Saskatchewan he would still be here. Other teams have had star players do much worse and they have stood by him. Our team decided to let the architect of championships leave because of public pressure. I would go far as saying Tillman will get his hands on the GC before Taman does.


Anonymous said...

It won't be Shivers that's for sure. John Murphy is an intriguing candidate. I hear Ed Hervey is a very smart man as well. I wonder if the Eskimos would promote from within. I guess it depends on how the team rebounds.

Will Edmonton's Danny be like Saskatchewan's Danny and ever get a cheque signed by a CFL team again. Who would want his services? I don't even think Ottawa or a team in the Maritimes would want Danny M.

Anonymous said...

Any list of potential GM candidates that doesn't include former Rider Player Personnel Director Joe Womack isn't worth reading.

Womack is as connected in the US college circles as anyone in the game today.

As for Tillman, he faces the same issues in Edmonton that he did here. A community owned franchise has to be more careful of the public perception of its organization than a privately owned team.

Tillman's baggage will invariably prove too heavy for Rick Lelacheur to take on for his team.

Anonymous said...

Two names that aren't on this list that should be

1)Neil Lumsden
2)Warren Moon

Moon's personal history may knock him out of the running, but they are two guys with links to the Eskimos past and they would be a great add.