Tuesday, August 17, 2010

P-Rod Criticism Is Unwarranted

With the Riders on their bye week, a lot of people are looking at the first seven games of the season and are talking about the positives and the negatives. I can understand fans being upset with the play of special teams since the green and white are the only team not to have a special teams return touchdown in 10, but I don't understand the criticism that is being launched Prechae Rodriguez's way.

Rodriguez has caught 17 passes for 259 yards and two touchdowns. Yes, that brings up the rear when it comes to Rider receivers, but I don't have to tell you what a stacked group that is. If Rodriguez was getting more balls at the expense of Rob Bagg, Chris Getzlaf, Weston Dressler or Andy Fantuz, people would be crying about that. While Darian Durant has not yet connected on the long ball with the Auburn product, I am certain that day is coming. I think Rodriguez is going to play a major role in the offence before this year is done.

Some are suggesting Rodriguez is lazy. I'm concentrating on the ball when I watch the game so I don't see every little thing, but I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary from Rodriguez. Some said he didn't seem to give it the effort, but there he was fighting for extra yardage in Thursday's win over the Lions.

One person texted into the Sportscage Tuesday when the topic was brought up that Rider fans or at least some of them just need someone to bitch at and someone to be their whipping boy. I guess Rodriguez draws into that role. Is it really necessary though?
A friend of mine in Saskatoon e-mailed me Tuesday night to say he had heard about a Facebook group that had popped up suggesting a movement be made to move the Tiger-Cats to Saskatoon. I could not find such a group. If someone sees it, can you send me the link? Who's kidding who, a 2nd team in Saskatchewan would have a very detrimental effect on both clubs.
Its just getting worse in Edmonton. Here's the latest.
Brett Favre is back. What a surprise! Do I need to say more?
Has anyone caught "The Daily Line" on Sportsnet? Its a hybrid of "The Best Damn Sports Show Period". However this show doesn't have Charissa Thompson so its not as good. Its not bad though.
Speaking of Sportsnet, Rod said on "The Sportscage" Tuesday that he has been in contact with Access and that Rogers Sportsnet One will be offered very soon. I hope so.
The WHL on SHAW needs a new host. Dan Elliott is now the play-by-play man for the Vancouver Giants. If SHAW wants to change things up and host things from their Saskatoon studios instead of their Vancouver ones, why not get Wray Morrison. He does the TSN thing and he does a lot of things for SHAW so why not?
As you know Access picks up a lot of games from SHAW and that will continue. What also will continue is SJHL broadcasts on Channel 7 and Access locales across the province. Full details of that are coming out very soon.
Speaking of the SJHL, I have added some new links to the right of blogs I (and I hope you will check out on a daily basis). They are the blogs of SJHL broadcasters Craig Stein (Yorkton, Melville), Darryl Skender (Melfort, Nipawin, Humboldt and the U of S Huskies football team) and Dan O'Connor (North Battleford). These three gentlemen are very good at what they do, and they do a tremendous job in keeping fans of their respective teams informed.
The Rogers Cup womens tennis tournament is happening in Montreal. Is Anna Kournikova even playing tennis anymore? When was the last Anna sighting!
There really is nothing better than a Dr. Pepper slurpee!
I have wayyyyyy to many Facebook friends playing Farmville and Zombie Farm and Mafia Wars and all that crap. I DON"T CARE!!!!
Are the Spokane Chiefs going to follow in the footsteps of the Calgary Hitmen and go outdoors? Looks like it! Expect an announcement on that later today.
I can't wait for the new fall TV season to start. Summer TV is like wearing cologne to a rodeo.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Saskatchewan will not support two CFL teams. Move the Ti-Cats to the Atlantic Canada if a deal isn't worked out. Let the Maritimers have a team too!!

Kevin Shaw said...

Hey Mitch here is a link to the "Bring the Tiger Cats to Saskatoon" group on Facebook.!/pages/Bring-the-Tiger-Cats-to-Saskatoon/147812151904031

It doesn't appear to have any members or much content other than a logo but it looks like it just started up yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Good question on Rodriguez and good debate that you and Rod had yesterday on it. Leanne called him lazy and that other guy called her out which was way too funny. I honestly think one of the reasons why Prechae isn't getting support is because Clermont is right below him on the pecking order and everyone in this province wants Jason to succeed because of his birth certificate. Am I wrong in that thought process?


Anonymous said...

Kevin beat me to what I had to say. There is no way Saskatchewan could support two teams. I don't even know if Saskatoon could support the Riders because they are famous for not being a sports town. While I'm sure this will go nowhere, Bob Young would be stupid to try and pursue this.

KevinK said...

Mitch - 2 decent summer shows - that are almost over I'm sure - Lie To Me and The Good Guys which has the brother of Tom Hanks and Bradley Whitford as Dallas Detectives. Whitford plays a redneck washed up cop and is hilarious. The tasering episode from a couple of weeks ago had me laughing out loud. Plus the lawyer is smokin' hot!
re Sportsnet One - the arrogance of Rogers knows no bounds. The Red Bull race from Budapest must have had more viewers than the Jays getting rocked in Oakland. - Clowns

Anonymous said...

But how can you pass on my frequent offers of 5000 free coins for Bejewelled Blitz? They're FREE, Mitchell. Just click the link. Jeez.



Dave said...

Thumbs up to the Dr. Pepper slurpee comment! I actually get pissed off when it's not working and will go to a different 711 lol.

Anonymous said...

Rodriguez is lazy and doesn't have the work ethic that our other receivers do. He needs to pick it up and start looking interrested.


oxygentax said...


Despite his effort in the last couple games, I was noticing PR at the beginning of the season for the wrong reasons. I wasn't seeing him fighting for yards (usually a catch and a step before he'd go out of bounds), I wasn't seeing him taking hits for more yards, and I wasn't seeing him throwing blocks. He's picked it up in the last couple games, but it's hard to break out of a first impression, and that's the impression that a lot of fans got from his early play.