Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I guess its probably not fair to start judging someone after just hearing his name, but I was shocked this morning when I got an e-mail from the Edmonton Oilers announcing who their replacement for long time hall-of-fame broadcaster Rod Phillips would be. Many names have been thrown about over the past few months. Names that included Rod Pedersen, Kelowna Rockets play by play man Regan Bartel, TSN's Ryan Rishaug and Edmonton native and current San Jose Shark TV broadcaster Randy Hahn. It won't be any of those four though. The team announced today Jack Michaels is the new guy. Who? Jack Michaels comes to Edmonton after doing hockey for the Alaska Aces of the East Coast Hockey League. (How is a team based in Alaska in a league called the East Coast Hockey League anyhow?). The committee making this decision didn't get Jack confused with Al did they? Perhaps they he's going to be known as the heart-break kid Jack Michaels.
As I said, I know its not fair to get on the guy's case without hearing him do one second of play-by-play, but I think the Oilers needed a more recognizable voice. He's got his chance though and its up to him to make the most of it. I'm guessing though that there are many out there who are scratching their head.
I look at the front page of the paper today and see the Premier giving the outgoing governor general a jersey with "27" on the back. Pretty cruel trick for Mr. Wall to give Michaelle Jean a "Dominique Dorsey" jersey considering he has taken the bullets from Rider fans this year. In all seriousness, the "27" symbolizes the number of governor generals that we have had with Jean being the 27th. It still looks odd though.
Jose Bautista continues to knock the cover off the baseball. How about that game last nite? Who in their right mind knew the Toronto outfielder/third baseman would hit 40 plus homers this year. Certainly not I. Brandon Morrow had another strong outing on the mound and some people were in the stands at Rogers Centre last night. I'm guessing an appearance by the Yankees inflates the attendance somewhat, but you gotta think Toronto baseball fans are really waiting for next year to see if this team can stay together and contend. I think they can. Alex Anthopoulos has done some tremendous work in his short time as Toronto GM. He's already done more than J-P Ricciardi.
Is there any reason to think Stevie Baggs will make the Cardinals?
When are we going to find out how much money the former Mrs. Tiger got in her divorce settlement. I laughed yesterday when I saw the release in which it said "each wishes the other well". Sure they do!!
Here's an interesting story on Canadians and the CFL. I find this to be a little surprising. Then again, not if I'm living in Southern Ontario.
Did you catch TSN's Kraft Celebration Tour from Pinawa, Manitoba yesterday. Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole came on and all you saw was "/=S=/ in the crowd. Three big signs with the Rider logo on it front and centre in good old Manitoba. LOVE IT!! You know it will be a nuthouse in Outlook tomorrow when the Tour stops there. I would have been in Indian Head tomorrow had they won, but they didn't. Oh well! TSN really has to find a way to get Onrait and O'Toole into a better spot than the midnight edition. Nothing against Rod Smith because he is solid, but I would love to see those two performing their schtick on the late afternoon "Sportscentre". I know Onrait has his detractors, but I find the guy to be extremely hilarious. His work in Vancouver at the Olympics alongside Canada AM's Beverly Thomson was outstanding.
You know how I said school begins in a week. If that isn't one sign that fall is around the corner, then how about this. My neighbour received her "Christmas Wish Book" from Sears. YIKES!!!


Anonymous said...

The survey in my opinion is very skewed. I think when you look at Southern Ontario as a market the label they don't care shouldn't apply. If you look at the Prairie Provinces we all "look" the same. Everyone here is primarly caucasian with a similar background and history in terms of what we have been exposed to. I believe in terms of ethnic diversity the prairies might be at 10% and in Saskatchewan that is certainly less.

When you shift to Ontario that number ramps up to 60% in terms of ethnic diversity. In a city like Toronto it's not a stretch to state people from there are not actually from there. Hence they have no history or understanding of Canadian Football.


TM said...

The East Coast Hockey League ceased to exist in 2003 and simply became the ECHL and has had teams on the west coast of North America ever since including Victoria.

Jeff Johnston said...

What an ignorant comment you've made about the guy. He has called over 900 games, likely more than the others short-listed and I'm just Oiler management liked what they heard.

As a so-called hockey guy, shouldn't you know why Alaska is in the ECHL? BTW, its not called the East Coast Hockey League.

Anonymous said...

It is odd that a league called the East Coast Hockey League has teams in Alaska and Victoria isn't it. Then again, do you consider the Dallas Stars to be in the Pacific Division or the Detroit Red Wings to be in the Western Conference or the Dallas Cowboys being in the NFC East.


Anonymous said...

Is that survey broken down to say what the interest level is in the Prairies. I'm a big NFL fan, but I love my CFL too.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mitch, you obviously pissed off the founder of the Jack Michaels fan club. Lighten up Jeff!


Anonymous said...

Why are you snooping in your neighbours mailbox????

Anonymous said...

its not East Coast Hockey League people. Just ECHL, and has been for a while.

mike from Vita, MB said...

The ECHL should either change the tenets of its acronym or change its name to the North American Hockey League. As for the apathy of the CFL, Canadians feel the same way about politicians and all Toronto sports teams, so it's no big deal.