Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Wish The CFL Nation Could Know Ken Miller The Way We Do

I'm a big fan of Riders head coach Ken Miller. Like many of you, I knew hardly anything about him when he was announced as the new coach of the Riders in the weeks following Kent Austin's defection to Ole Miss. In fact, when it was learned that he was the new guy, I had to sit there and wonder if I had ever spoken to Miller.
He comes across to many as a grandfather figure, as someone who is very dry, and very serious in nature. Someone who wouldn't know a good joke if he heard it. While the local media knows what Miller is all about, I don't think the national media portrays Miller the way he should be---that being a very knowledgable football man and a very colourful man as well.
I always look forward to speaking with Coach because not only is he honest with his answers, but he is apt to give us a good one-liner.
He was in fine form on Wednesday when asked about the distractions Montreal's nightlife provides. He told the assembled masses "Ste. Catherines Street maybe has beaten more football teams than Montreal." Before he came to speak to everyone, an elderly lady seeking an autograph tried to seek his attention. I told him that he better not talk to her while his wife is there (his wife is at all practices) to which he broke out into a big smile and said "She's gone!!" drawing laughter from both. This is the Ken Miller that we see everyday. I don't get a chance to see how he interacts with the media in the other cities, but I'm guessing he must be more reserved. Obviously, Miller is more at ease when he sees faces he sees every day grilling him about the football team than he is when those questions come from someone that perhaps he doesn't trust. Its too bad because if those who cover the CFL in the other seven locales could see the Ken Miller that we do, I think his profile would be greatly enhanced. That's not a slam towards Miller. I can understand the apprehension. I just wish those in other cities could be treated to what we are every day. He certainly is an upgrade in the interview department with one-liners than what Kent Austin was. That is not intended to be disrespectful to Austin either.
Darian Durant is taking some heat for keeping his stomach ailment a secret for three weeks. GIMME A BREAK!! How many of you have gone to work not feeling well and have just done the job without telling anyone? Durant was asked if the illness has affected his play. Perhaps he hasn't been as sharp as he has needed to, but he has still done the job. I don't know if the Riders are going to beat Montreal on Friday--in fact, I have picked the Alouettes, but if they do lose, I expect Durant to perform at the level we are accustomed to. I also expect Durant to tell Coach Miller he can't go on if indeed his sickness overcomes him.
Now that Alex Rodriguez has hit his 600th homer, the debate has started as to how many of the homers should be considered legit. A-Rod is not as despised as Bonds and many believe that just like Bonds, his achievements should not be recognized. At least the Yankees 3rd baseman confessed to his sins unlike the huge-headed Bonds. I have no problem with Rodriguez and I hope that he can hit another 156 homers in the next 4-5 years to knock Bonds off his perch and take the throne as baseball's home-run king.
Guess who is coming to Casino Regina?

Yes, David Hasselhoff of "Baywatch" fame is going to do some crooning at the Show Lounge. Has Regina become Germany all of a sudden?? He will be here October 30 for those that might care. That will be a cougar-rific night one might think. Earlier in the month, Sheena Easton will be here. She was some kinda hot in the 80's. Remember this tune. If "The Hoff" and Sheena Easton can come to the Show Lounge, then when will Debbie Gibson make an appearance. If you have forgotten or if you are a first time reader, I confess I was in LOVE with Debbie Gibson many, many years ago. Make that many, many, many years ago.


I'm hosting the Sportscage on Thursday from the Queen City Ex. I will be joined by Scott Schultz and Andrew Greene. If Schultzy is involved, you know it means two good hours of radio. We are apparently right beside the Tim Hortons in the Credit Union Eventplex so if you get a chance, pop on over and say HI!


Anonymous said...

I think both you and Vanstone are on the right track today. When the TSN cameras show him on the field, there is no emotion, no animation. However, when I watch TV and hear clips from him on the Sportscage you can tell he likes to yuk it up. The only thing about Miller I don't like is his age. If he was 10 years younger, he would be here for 10 more years. I know he is talking about moving on after this year or next and that will be too bad.


Jordie Dwyer said...

Say, isn't the Hoff's hair cut the same thing Fantuz is sporting this week???