Sunday, April 17, 2011

Clean Or Not

The debate is on full swing. Was this hit Raffi Torres delivered to Brent Seabrook last night a clean one or not?

It looks to me as if Torres (who is starting to get that Matt Cooke-like reputation) catches Seabrook napping, but it also looks as if he brings that elbow towards the head. Remember, this is a guy just getting back into the lineup after a controversial head-shot to Jordan Eberle. Will the NHL deem this hit to be suspension-worthy. The Canucks feel it was clean, yet I think if this had been Alex Edler, Sami Salo or Dan Hamhuis on the receiving end that Alain Vigneault would be screaming for justice to be done. This one will be interesting. What isn't interesting anymore is this series. Vancouver has proven they can exorcise the ghosts in their closet from the past two years and it wouldn't surprise me to see this series end in four. Am I still sold on Vancouver? Nope! When the pressure is on, will Roberto Luongo make the save or saves that he has to. I don't know.
While I'm still guessing they will win the series, it is always great to see the petulant one---one Kobe Bryant go down to defeat. I don't think there is any athlete in the game I don't like more than Bryant. His get me some players or trade me attitude from a couple of years ago really got under my skin. That and the fact that as far as I'm concerned, there isn't a lot separating him from Ben Roethlisberger when it comes to the class scale. The New Orleans Hornets beat the Lakers in LA in Game 1 of their best of 7. As I said, I'm sure the Lakers will win this series and they may win it all, but its always great seeing Kobe on the short end.
The Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons makes a great point. In the NBA, Detroit and Chicago are in the Eastern Conference, but in the NHL, they are in the Western Conference.
Who saw a Kootenay-Medicine Hat WHL East final at the start of the playoffs. I didn't.
Now that Chunky Adams has been signed by the Eskimos, I have the number of players/coaches that used to be employed by the Riders at 10.( Kavis Reed, Marcus Crandell, Chunky, Joe Sykes, Mike Stadnyk, Keys (can't remember his first name--the guy Riders gave up in the Tristan Jackson deal), Joel Lipinski, Louie Sakoda and Jamie Boreham and Donovan Alexander. Am I missing anyone?
I'm still not worried about an NFL strike and won't be until we hit July 1.
If you are an Oilers fan, what should the team do with its first draft pick overall. I'm really starting to lean on trading the pick for an offensive defenceman, a gritty forward and either a high prospect or a high pick (perhaps a first). Edmonton already has LA's first round pick in the Penner deal so they can get another skilled forward there. Do you take that thought or do you take a Nugent-Hopkins or a Landeskog and then take the d-man with LA's pick. I haven't seen enough of Adam Larsson to make a decision on him.
When will man make a cologne that is made up of bacon grease, Jack Daniels, metal and gym sweat. Oh wait, that's the scent inside of John Daly's trailer!
Have a good Monday!


Saskawhat said...

There can't be any debate about this hit. Head shot or no head shot, Seabrook hasn't touched the puck yet (neither had Eberle) making this a clear cut case of interference. Players get hurt all the time on interference penalties - most of which are otherwise clean hits - because they're not even remotely prepared to get hit. That was the case with Eberle it was the case tonight with Seabrook and if the NHL doesn't suspend Torres for at least a game or two, they'll set this whole "crackdown" back at least another year.

Anonymous said...

It's LaDarious Keys then add on Adarius Bowman and Eric Tillman to make an even dozen.

Anonymous said...

Torres is one of those guys that just doesn't get it. You can play hard and with an edge and be clean about it. He doesn't do that. He needs to sit for about eight this time, and about 15 the next and so on and so on.

Anonymous said...

Clean hit as far as I'm concerned. If it was Hansen or Kesler or Raymond that does that, everyone is telling Seabrook to keep his eye on the play.


Mitchell Blair said...

Completely forgot about Bowman. Eric is quickly turning them into Saskatchewan North. Make it 11 plus Tillman.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Torres:

Your season is done!

Colin Campbell

Anything less will be unsatisfactory.

Mike Stackhouse said...

I have my own take on my blog. The real answer is I don't think anyone truly knows if it's clean or not. To me, it's filthy. But, hockey should maybe just accept this as part of the game???

Bryn Griffiths said...

Mitch... you trade a Number 5, 6 or 7 pick... trading a #1 pick is not an option for the Oilers management. Those cornerstone picks don't come along very often. Will NOT happen.