Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wrestlemania 27

If not a wrestling fan, page down quite a bit. If you are, keep reading!

From the time I started Stampede Wrestling, I've been hooked. I loved watching the Hart Family, Dynamite Kid, Rotten Ron Starr, the Honky Tonk Man, Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie, J-R Foley, Wakamatsu and the comical Cuban Assassin amongst others do their thing in the ring. One of the great villains was "The Mean Man from Sudan"----Abdullah the Butcher.  It was always a bloodbath whenever he entered the ring. I was not aware that he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last night. I don't know if there was ever a better bad guy in Stampede that made regular visits than Abdullah. He was great!!!!

Of course, Stampede Wrestling eventually dissolved and my wrestling fix came courtesy of the World Wrestling Federation. They created a mega-event called Wrestlemania and it has evolved into one of those must-see events for yours truly. I remember walking to the Centre of the Arts with some friends for the first ever Wrestlemania (one of the first ever pay-per-view events if I'm not mistaken) featuring Hulk Hogan and Mr. T against Rowdy Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. I can't remember the main event of all Wrestlemanias, but I can say (and yes I know its sad), that I have never missed a Wrestlemania on the day of the event. Whether I have watched it live or the repeat version later that night, I have seen all 26 of them and make it 27 by the end of the day. From the Centre of the Arts, to Tumblers, to Calgary, (at the height of the Bret Hart popularity), to Peace River to the mancave of myself or a friends, I haven't missed it.
I don't really know what to think about this  year's card. I do believe the Undertaker will keep his perfect streak going, but the match will not even come close to what Shawn Michaels and the Deadman have given us over the past two years, and I sadly do think John Cena will beat "The Miz" to win the heavyweight belt. (That being said, I can't stand the Miz although I do like his entrance music). I have no desire to see Snooki in the ring and will likely use that match to visit the bathroom, grab another cold one or fill up the plate. (The only thing even somewhat interesting in that match is that there is always the chance that Trish Stratus or Michelle McCool could suffer a wardrobe malfunction and that is why we have a PVR!)
It doesn't matter to me who wins the Randy Orton-CM Punk match, but I think that will be the best one of the day and to see announcer Michael Cole likely get kicked around the ring while screaming like a little baby at the hands of Jerry Lawler will be extremely entertaining and should provide for some great laughs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is the guest ref as well so if there is a "Stone Cold" drinking game, that could be the end of my WM day. I'm guessing there will be a stunner or two thrown in there. The only question I have is what becomes of Cole after this match. The WWE can't bring him back as an announcer immediately and plop himself back beside the guy that kicked his ass. I've heard a few rumours of him becoming manager of a stable of wrestlers including Jack Swagger and a new diva that will make Chyna look anorexic...her name is Awesome Kong. The name alone should tell you she is not an attractive looking woman(and I use that word liberally when describing her).
While I think John Cena will win the belt, I wonder what role "The Rock" will play in that match. For some reason, "The Miz" has really been shut out of the main event even though he is participating as this is all about Cena and "The Rock". Does "The Rock" head back to Hollywood after this or does he get involved in a feud with Cena that could spill over to "Summerslam". After Monday's RAW. you know Cena will get some payback delivered. I'm intrigued.
OK, that's enough wrestling talk---for now!
Memo to the Vancouver Canucks---When you are playing the worst team in the NHL at home and you get schooled, it should serve as a huge wake-up call. What you saw last night Vancouver fans is why your team will not win the Stanley Cup. It doesn't matter who the opponent is, you can't put in an effort like that at home so close to the  playoffs.
Is tonight the last game in the Civic Centre? It might be as the Warriors need to win tonight and in Cranbrook in Game 7 to come home again. Wish I could be there.
Nice debut by Kyle Drabek. The Jays are hoping he can be the next Roy Halladay. It was a good start.
Speaking of good starts, Jeff Stoughton is 2-0 at the Worlds. Mrs. Scruffy asked if it was weird watching the event from Regina on TV and not being there to cover it. The answer---not really. We're going to check it out tomorrow.
The reason I won't be helping Roddie or Access with the Worlds is I've got the SJHL final to pay attention to. I thought the Access guys did a pretty good job for the first two games in La Ronge (not an easy building to do live TV out of) and I thought the first two games of the series were outstanding. Yorkton beat the high flying Ice Wolves 3-0 in Game 2 to even the series at one. Game 3 is in Yorkton Tuesday and I will now be in attendance for the rest of the games until they hand out the trophy doing league business and handling some intermission features for Access.
How realistic will Madden 12 be? EA Sports has announced that if a player leaves the game due to a concussion that he won't return. I have Madden 11. I haven't had a player concussed yet? Is there a setting for that?
While Butler will not be favoured to beat Connecticut in the NCAA mens basketball final tomorrow night, I am guessing a majority of those watching will be pulling for them. Once again, they are the story of the tournament.
Charlie Sheen's first show in Detroit bombed? What happened!!!!
Do I even have to talk about the snow that we have received?
Have a good Sunday and if you are watching WM 27, enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

There was nothing and I mean nothing like a Tuesday night at the old Ex. Auditorium. Your buddies at HIW need to get in there for one last performance before they bulldoze that place down.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, tonight will be the last game at the Civic Centre. I think they win tonight and then lose in Game 7. I will be there.

Anonymous said...

I watched Stampede Wrestling and WWF too, but then I grew up and became a man!

Anonymous said...

No, apparently you didn't. You became an anonymous little bi#$h.

Anonymous said...

Stampede Wrestling was a big part of my youth. Epic matches Dave "The Pig Farmer" Ruhl versus Abdulah The Butcher. Danny Kroffat, Chicken Hawk with his lethal mule kick and of course midget wrestling. Congrats to Abdulah the Butcher on his induction