Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

--Raffi Torres will be dropping the gloves in Game 4 against the Hawks tonight and maybe more than once. If something else happens, the blame falls on Colin Campbell.

--How can Jarrett Stoll get one game for his hit on Ian White and Torres not get anything?

--I haven't seen it so I can't comment, but Steve Downie apparently smoked a Pittsburgh defenceman behind the net in Game 3. I'm guessing Downie will not be suspended for this. I'm also hearing Chris Kunitz had a vicious headshot tonight at a Tampa forward. What will happen here and how can the NHL be serious if it does anything after not doing anything to Raffi-boy. Say what you will about the play, Torres was not playing the puck, all he wanted to do was inflict some pain on Seabrook which he did. At the minimum, that's interference.

--I wonder what Sidney Crosby thinks after he sees the Torres-Seabrook incident and the lack of punishment.

--Every playoff team got at least one vote for winning the Stanley Cup in my poll question. That means either parity is alive or there's a cross-section of all NHL fans and the teams they cheer for reading this blog.

--Congrats to Jordan Weal for signing an entry-level deal with the LA Kings. Enjoy him for one more season Pats fans.

--Roger Currie to the rescue. The CKRM morning news maven informed me via e-mail Sunday (forgot about this yesterday so sorry Roger) what the Gil Morgan reference in those Boston Pizza ads are. Here it is...

Gilmer Bryan Morgan II, OD (born September 25, 1946) is an American professional golfer.Although he won only seven events on the PGA Tour between 1977 and 1990 and didn't win a major until the Senior Tour, he was one of the most consistent top five finishers on the Tour during this period. His swing was often criticized for his "flying elbow" which some thought resembled a chicken wing--thus the reference in the ad. Thanks Roger!

--A tweet from Global TV's Tom Vernon. If the Coyotes go back to Winnipeg, can they take Nikolai Khabibulin back? I agree!

--Those who desire a new football facility for Regina will be in a happy mood later today methinks.

--Someone heard my cries. Taco Time is opening a store in East Regina.

--Derek "Duke" Meyers will be hosting the Sportscage for the rest of the week since Rod is off to Vegas. Just so you know and you don't ask, I would be doing the shows, but I am off to La Ronge today for Games 3, 4 and maybe 5 of the ANAVET Cup.

--With La Ronge winning the championship this year, can I just to make the travel budget a little easier request a Notre Dame victory next year?

--I cheer for the Oilers, Seahawks, Cubs, Michigan and of course the Riders and can be seen wearing their logos no matter the teams record at all times of year. With that, I ask then why it is that I'm seeing so many more people wearing Habs items since oh I don't know----last year!!!! CMON. Wear the colours all year long and don't wait until there is playoff success. It makes you look bad. That being said, wait until the Leafs win a playoff game.

--I don't know where the WWE is taking the Michael Cole-Jerry Lawler storyline, but whenever it ends, they are setting up Cole for one of the most anticipated beatings of all time. The sad thing is I don't think it ends at the next PPV.

--While I watched it, there was something wrong with the Blue Jays being on at 9 AM Monday morning.

--While taking Carl Crawford in a baseball draft has so far proved to be disastrous, taking Tim Lincecum with my 2nd round pick has more than made up for it.

--The NFL sked is released today. Will it be used this year? Hope so!


75flyersbestteamever said...

Dear Mitch,

there seems to be a little confusion on what is and isn't legal hits in hockey. Our new disciplinary council will make sure everythin is clear, coherent and understandable.

C. Sheen
G. Busey
mud puddle

new NHL disciplanary board

Anonymous said...

Torres hit was a clean hit - why do we want to completely take hitting out of the game? Seabrook had his head down and got hammered - its part of the game and wasn't dirty at all. Lets move on already.

The Ploughboy said...

I wear the bleu, blanc et rouge proudly all year long. Over the years I've developed thick enough skin to take the constant verbal abuse from the haters :-) Having a favourite team is like being married -- you stick with your loved one through both good times and bad. Nothing's worse than a fair weather fan

Anonymous said...

It was a state holiday in Mass, Patriots Day. The Red Sox always play at 11 a.m. local time. The Boston Marathon is also always run on Patriot's Day. Every team in the American League is aware and has to do it at least once.

Mitchell Blair said...

I knew that, but it doesn't take away from the fact that its strange watching a ball game at 9 AM.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch I wear my Leafs stuff all year long. People look at me funny and make little coments sometimes about my team clothing. A once great franchise now six years out of the playoffs is hard to cheer for but i still do. I guess you can understand this cheering for the Oilers as you do.
Trading Penner for the draft pick was a no brainer for the Oilers. He is an terrible under achieving player. LA reminds me of some women I know always dating guys they think they can cahnge and never do.
The Stomper

Anonymous said...

thanks for gil morgan info