Monday, April 11, 2011

An Enjoyable Final Comes To An End

Game 7 of a championship final. A one game winner take all showdown for all the marbles. No more wiggle room. Every play --whether it be good or bad--is magnified.
One of the best seven game series I have ever seen will come to an end this evening in La Ronge when the Ice Wolves and Yorkton Terriers meet one last time to see who is the SJHL champion.
This series has had it all---dramatic overtime goals, great goaltending, hard hitting, fast skating, teams coming back from deficits to win. the home team winning, the visiting team winning. It has had everything you would want in a championship series and then some.
If you have been watching the Credit Union Cup on Access 7, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you have missed six pretty good hockey games ---the last four which have ended 4-3 and two of those have gone into overtime.
I'm anticipating a great one tonight and I'm anticipating that we could see another overtime. Its been that type of series.
I'll make the seven hour trek to the Mel Hegland Arena to handle both SJHL duties and Access duties as we end what I dare say is one of the best if not the best SJHL championship that has been played in a long, long time.
Who's the number one pick in NHL playoff drafts?
Will the Oilers win the draft lottery again? If so, is it Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Gabriel Landeskog or Adam Larsson----I would take the latter, but I'm not Steve Tambellini and I don't play him on TV either.
The snow has actually melted in my backyard! I can see grass----its brown, but its grass!
Many wrestlers have done their thing even though their body has told them to stop. Adam Copeland--aka Edge--will listen to his body. In a stunning and somewhat raw admission on RAW Monday night, the Canadian said he is retiring due to the fact he is losing the feeling in his arms. I know Copeland was a big fan of the Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith. Dynamite now lives in a wheelchair because he couldn't stop performing and Smith's inability to stop performing even though his back was in bad shape resulted in him going down a path that so many others have with death following. I don't think this is an act, I think Edge is now a piece of WWE history. He was one of the best I've seen over my many years of watching.
I wonder if Rory McIlroy has Tiger Woods 12 for his gaming console of choice and if so, did he play the back 9 at Augusta just for kicks.
I think I've put on more km's this week than I have the last two years and I have many more to put on today. If you're watching Game 7 on Access 7, I'll see ya tonight.

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