Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ice Wolves Repeat

La Ronge Ice Wolves captain Nolan Souchotte accepts the Credit Union Cup as the defending champs take home the title again ending what was a thoroughably enjoyable final series with a 3-1 win over the Yorkton Terriers.

I'm sure it was a quiet bus ride home for the Terriers who had to wonder if their fate would have been different had it not been for the opening two minutes. Brant Remenda was crushed into the end boards by a La Ronge forward right after the opening faceoff and seconds later, Logan Herauf put one past Devin Peters for a 1-0 lead sending the 1300 ( I think there were more) into a frenzy as fish were flying everywhere. Co-playoff MVP Dayton Fossum then wired one past Peters on a power play just two and a half minutes in and the Wolves had control. Robbie Ciolfi scored to get Yorkton back to within one, but Travis Eggum restored the lead in the 2nd and from there co-MVP goalie Adam Bartko shut the door for the win as the Wolves get the Cup and the picture that all teams want to take


Its always great to see a team celebrate a title until you look the other way and see the pain and dejection on the other team---a team that worked their ass off for seven games. I said going into this matchup that there wasn't much separating the two teams and I leave saying there isn't much as well. Congratulations to Bob Beatty and the Ice Wolves (Is Beatty-mania alive and well in La R this afternoon) and congratulations to Trent Cassan and the Terriers as well for providing Saskatchewan hockey viewers on Access with just a tremendous final and showcase how great the SJHL is.
A tip of the hat to Access as well. They did a tremendous job to bring the games live into your living room. Mike Stackhouse and Jay Boyd were outstanding behind the mike and both crews in Yorkton and La Ronge were top notch. I still say they need a better intermission host, but they can look for that next year.
The NHL draft lottery is skewed. The New Jersey Devils win the lottery, but they don't pick first? That is dumb. There are only so many balls in there that can fall New Jersey's way so if the ball that comes through the chute is theirs, it should be them that picks number one with Edmonton picking two and everyone being knocked down one.  Remember, this comes from an Oilers fan.
What the hell has happened to the Saskatoon Blades? This will not go over well in Saskatoon as it would appear barring a miracle as if they will be knocked off in the 2nd round by Kootenay who  now have a 3-0 lead. It brings up this question. What is Lorne Molleken's playoff record? Lorne is a tremendous coach, but he has had problems in the playoffs and that may be the only stain on his legacy.
Have you listened to TSN Radio yet? If you haven't, maybe it will be coming here soon. You can go to to listen.
The quest for hockey's holy grail begins tonight. The Stanley Cup playoffs start in just a couple of hours. Here are Scruffy's picks....

Washington over the Rangers in 6
Philly over Buffalo in 7 (not too certain of this one)
Boston over Montreal in 5
Tampa over Pittsburgh in 6

Chicago over Vancouver in 6 (that's right Vancouver fans)
San Jose over LA in 7
Detroit over Phoenix in 6
Anaheim over Nashville in 6

My SC final prediction----Bruins over Ducks 
Carlos Delgado has retired. Where does he go down in the list of greatest ever Blue Jays. Is he a top 10 guy? I don't think so.
I need a nap!


Anonymous said...

He's not even close to the top 10. Lazy as the day was long.

Anonymous said...

"fish were flying"? Possibly the greatest line in the history of Saskatchewan sports journalism! People were literally throwing fish?

Jeff said...

Delgado holds most of the top hitting stats for the team all-time. He's the Jays' career leader in runs, doubles, home runs, rbis, total bases, walks, strikeouts, and slugging percentage. He's also 2nd in on-base percentage and ninth all-time for batting average. I don't see how he's not top-ten. If not, he's very close.