Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hopsons Contract Is Extended

Saskatchewan Roughrider Chairman of the Board Roger Brandvold announced today the contract extension of President/CEO Jim Hopson. The new three-year extension will see Hopson continue in his role with the organization into 2014.

“In 2004 the Management Committee made a number of very important Strategic Decisions such as moving to a Corporate Structure with a Board of Directors, Share Ownership and a Full-Time CEO – Jim Hopson,” stated Brandvold. “Those decisions including the hiring of Hopson certainly changed the landscape of the Riders, today we are facing much difference challenges/successes than we did in 2004, and we all look forward to Jim being in a leadership position over the next three years.”

Hopson came on board in 2005 as the Roughriders’ first Chief Executive Officer and over the past six years, fans have seen many changes on and off the field. The changes and a focus on excellence in all areas of the operation have seen the Riders reach the Grey Cup three times in the last four years, culminating in the team claiming the 2007 Grey Cup championship. A new level of expectations has been set and Hopson is focused on building long term stability with championship level football and strong business acumen.

"This is a wonderful vote of confidence and support from the board," Hopson said. "I have always said that this is the greatest job in the country and I plan to continue to give my absolute best to the Roughriders. I'm deeply committed to advancing this organization even further."

Off the field, the Riders are continuing to excel as a business as the team continues to attain record profits. Over the past few years, the organization has won Paragon Awards for both marketing and community involvement. These have all been steps in achieving the level of excellence Hopson desires for the organization.

Hopson’s role with the Roughriders includes overseeing all of the operations of the football club, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to that role. Prior to re-joining the Roughriders Hopson spent 30 years as a teacher, principal and Director of Education/CEO in Saskatchewan

BLOGGER NOTE: This is an outstanding move for the Riders. Anyone who knows me knows that I give complete credit to Jim for turning this team around and making it one of the elite.

BLOGGER NOTE 2: Just getting mobile after returning to Regina from La Ronge for Game 7 of the SJHL final, a recap of that, NHL playoff pix and how the Devils got screwed by the NHL later today. I will also be on the Sportscage with Rod this afternoon.

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Smart business move.