Thursday, April 21, 2011


How ya feelin this morning Canuck fans? Is that collar a little tight? Are you a little grouchy? Do you have that sinking feeling? The Chicago Blackhawks fed the Canucks and Roberto Luongo their lunch again in Game 5 as they pummelled "The Coov" to all of a sudden make it a series as Game 6 is back in Chicago. I think we could be going 7. The question I have now is whether or not Luongo or Cory Schneider gets the start in goal. You would think the smart money is on Luongo even though he has been bad in the past two games, but Alain Vigneault must make a very important decision. I might decide to give this one to Schneider because if he fails, you can go back to Luongo in Game 7. If you go with Luongo and he soils the linen again, you throw a rookie into a Game 7 situation.
I didn't think Boston deserved to be on the same ice as Montreal, but the Bruins found a way to get it done and now that series is tied at 2. Is the Habs magic over? I think that series will go 7.
The Kings can sit back all summer and wonder what if they hadn't blown that 4-0 lead. San Jose came perilously close to losing a three goal lead, but they got their game back on track and polished off the Kings. That series likely ends in Game 5.
Andrew Ference should be hit in the pocketbook for his one fingered salute to the Bell Centre crowd after scoring for the Bruins in Game 4. That should be it though. Current Habs defenceman James Wisniewski got two games earlier this year for delivering an obscene gesture when he was playing for the Islanders. If you suspend for a guy for giving the crowd the finger after not suspending some players or suspending them for just one game, you will prove your suspension formulas are way off base. Ference should be fined the maximum he can get, but that's it.
What a difference 24 hours makes in the ANAVET Cup. The La Ronge Ice Wolves made Portage look bad on Wednesday in a 6-1 win to tie the series at two. However, the Wolves were just as bad Thursday as they were good on Wednesday in losing 6-3 to Portage. It means the Wolves have to win in Portage Saturday and Sunday to win the ANAVET and advance to the RBC. It won't be easy, but I think they have the better team so we'll see.
That's about all I have so I'll just end it with a picture of Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco in a black bikini---which really shouldn't disappoint any of the male readers.

Have a great long weekend!!

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