Sunday, April 17, 2011


The headline in this morning's Boston Globe perhaps says it best.  "Bumble B's"! I'm not saying the Boston Bruins are playing bad, but I drove past a Boston Pizza this morning and its now a Montreal Pizza. (After originally making that comment  up and posting it on my Twitter page, I was informed by Jamie Nye that Quebec outlets of the restaurant have already done this for this series which was something I didn't know).

What has happened to the once-mighty Bruins who now look like the Winnie the Poohs that once adorned their hideous third jerseys. They are done. This team that dominated Montreal and should have in the playoffs will fade into the night unless they turn it around and turn it around in a big hurry. 6 straight playoff losses from a team that was 60 minutes away from being in the Cup final last year. I'm thinking the Bruins could be dismantled somewhat if they go away quietly.

If Zdeno Chara has been felled by the same bug that  hit me this week, you won't be seeing anything of the big guy for a few days.

Just in case you forgot about what the San Jose Sharks are famous at doing come playoff time, they issued you a stern reminder last night. Were the Sharks more concerned about the start of the NBA playoffs? Believe it or not, they were actually worse than the Bruins. Thank you to James Duthie for pointing out no King has had a playoff hat-trick since Wayne Gretzky in 1993 in Game 7 against the Leafs. I'm thinking more Toronto fans knew that than LA fans.

I wish all hockey could be played like the first period of the Buffalo-Philly game yesterday. That was hockey!

If the Coyotes move back to Winnipeg, wouldn't it be ironic if the last game in Phoenix was a playoff defeat at the hands of the Wings. That's how it ended in Winnipeg.

I'm starting to wonder if the Yorkton Terriers simply took too much out of the La Ronge Ice Wolves in the SJHL final. It sounds as if the Ice Wolves just can't keep up to what is a more rested Portage Terriers team in the ANAVET Cup final as the Manitoba champs are up 2-0 after a pair of wins on home ice. I don't think Yorkton would have been any better if the truth be known. La Ronge needs to get back into it on home ice Tuesday.

The great thing about Twitter is you can be with good friends talking about the game or whatever else and make it as if you're sitting at the sports bar of choice throwing back some cold ones. It was like that yesterday during the SC playoffs as I was involved in good conversations with good friends from Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Regina.

Marcus Adams is back in the CFL. Three guesses as to where the former Rider d-lineman is now and the first two don't count. Yes, Eric Tillman has snapped him up and he is with the Eskimos. I feel like the Riders have become that relative of yours that has kids a couple of years older than you and they save their clothes for you so that you don't have to go out and buy new stuff. The only question I have is what took Eric so long?

UPDATE: Chunky twittered this this morning  "Thanks everybody but I have not signed a contract yet I will let u know when I do officially sign

Saskatchewan's so-called sexiest blogger is craving a maple bacon sundae from Denny's and is going to try one tonight. He has invited a gang of his cohorts to join him. I will pass! Bacon and ice cream---no thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Boston has dominated the Canadiens? I dunno Mitch, Montreal has now won 11 of the last 14 meetings between the two teams. Boston really seems to have trouble with Montreal's speed.

Anonymous said...

Boston beat Montreal three of the last four times they played this year IN THE REGULAR SEASON. As a Bruins fan, I am completely disgusted at the way Julien has prepared or not prepared his team for the playoffs. The late season success made this team think Montreal would be a pushover. WRONG!! Its time to make changes in Beantown!


Anonymous said...

You're wrong Aaron...Montreal was 4-2 vs Boston this year. Boston won 2 of the final three. The second last game was a 4-1 Canadiens win.