Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a Lazy Saturday!!

Four Stanley Cup playoff games, a couple of baseball games, some NBA playoff action and a Big Bang Theory marathon on the Comedy Network. It was just one of those days to get reacquainted with the couch. I did enjoy some of the outdoors yesterday, but really it was tough to pry myself off the couch. We all have to have one of those days once in a while don't we.

What is it with teams trying to clinch at home soiling the linen. Vancouver did it Friday and Pittsburgh and San Jose both did it yesterday. I could not believe the way Tampa just manhandled the Penguins. As for the Sharks and the Kings, Ray Ferraro put it the best when he said Quick stopped 51 shots while Niemi stopped one and that was the difference.

Its very evident in these playoffs that TSN is winning the war with CBC. HNIC has done nothing to freshen up their desk in these playoffs while TSN has brought in guys like Aaron Ward, Steve Staios and Jamie McLennan. I have found Ward to be a great addition. On the other hand, I am still wishing I could find a way to keep the game on without hearing the endless blatherings of Greg Millen. I find him to be worse than Pierre McGuire.

Thank you Carey Price and Tim Thomas for giving us the goaltending performance of the playoffs. That was great hockey last night. Its just another reason why I detest the shootout. Everyone had a chance to contribute, not just the skilled guys.

Wasn't Dwayne Roloson supposed to be at the end of the road when he was with the Oilers in their Stanley Cup run. That was how many years ago?

When can I start the "I want to see Josh Harding in Edmonton" campaign again? Speaking of which, I wonder how the former Pat goalie is doing after suffering a season ending knee injury.

I'm starting to think Curtis Hunt will be back with the Pats next year. The longer it takes for a decision to be made is good news for Huntsy.

Game 6 of the ANAVET Cup sounds like it was a beaut. La Ronge beat Portage 1-0 thanks to a first period goal by Aaron Enns. The Ice Wolves have been crippled thanks to some well placed (and might I add cheap) knees to key players Nolan Souchotte and Logan Herauf and they will have to give it their all and then some tonight to beat Portage in Portage in Game 7. A trip to the RBC in Camrose awaits the winner.

I didn't think Jose Bautista would come close to hitting 50 HR's this year. He already has 7 and he is doing it when no one else in the Toronto lineup is hitting. If Adam Lind, Travis Snider and the oft-injured Aaron Hill get their bats going look out.

There's nothing wrong with having rabbit stew for dinner tonight. My grandfather used to say that's what we were having for Easter supper when I was a youngster. My seven year old daughter reacts to that news the way I did when I heard that news. Speaking of which, its a good job the kids have a week off of school and its nice outside. With all of the chocolate she has received, she will need to spend a lot of time in the backyard running around.

When in La Ronge for the ANAVET Cup, the music man played some great tunes including Amanda Marshall's "Let it Rain". Whatever happened to Amanda Marshall....she had a great voice!

I don't know why, but I see the Riders making a trade involving an impact player before training camp.

That is all! Have a great Easter Sunday and a great "West"er Sunday as well to all my readers in SK, MB, BC and Alberta.


Anonymous said...

Oh well I guess LaRonge had it coming to them considering what Ducharme did to Decker in game 6

Anonymous said...

Josh Harding had a chance to go to free agency and via for a number 1 goalier position but he chiose the easy way out and signed as a back-up in Minnisota

Anonymous said...

Gregg Millen and Pierre MacGuire are equally as obnoxious as Bob Cole. Tim Thomas makes an unreal save and Cole says "he guessed right", the puck goes off the post behind Carey Price and Cole says "big stop by Price".

Anonymous said...

So you figure there's a big Rider trade on the horizon, eh.
Maybe that will get me pumped.
At this time a year ago I couldn't wait for the season to get started. But this year there's none of that.
It's not because Coach Miller retired or because we hired Greg Marshall to replace him and it's not because Andy Fantuz is gone.
I immediately lost my enthusiasm when they announced they are keeping Doug Berry as offensive co-ordinator.
We started last year with the most explosive offence in the league. As the season progressed and Berry inserted his influence on them, the more predictable and stoppable they became.
I can't see a home playoff game for this year and we might be damn lucky to even make the playoffs.