Sunday, January 22, 2012

An Epic Day Of Football

The New England Patriots and New York Giants will meet for the Vince in two weeks time with the AFC Champs looking for a little bit of revenge from having their run at perfection end at the hands of the NFC Champs a few years ago. Both won in dramatic fashion on Sunday in what was a day to remember.

Just some thoughts

--Baltimore kicker Billy Cundiff thought he might have been the goat of the day after missing a 32 yarder that would have sent the AFC Championship to overtime, but his failure doesn't even compare to that of Niners punt returner Kyle Williams. Williams, who is nothing but a mouthpiece who wants interference called on every ball thrown to him, let one punt bounce off his knee leading to the tying points and fumbled another one leading to the winning points. Who's the bigger goat? Without a doubt, its Williams. As former Regina Rams president Sheldon (don't call me Lionel Hutz) Stener tweeted to me, quarterbacks throw bad passes, receivers drop balls, defenders miss tackles and kickers will miss field goals, but returners can't be in a position to have the ball touch them when it is rolling on the ground. That is inexcusable!

--Classiness all around at the end of the Giants-Niners game. FOX's Terry Bradshaw gets chewed out by the owner of the team for saying earlier this year that the Giants were dead and then before the trophy presentation segment was over, Bradshaw had to take it again from some old bird that I believe was the owners wife. Is that really the time? Meanwhile, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh refused to do an interview after the game with FOX. Sorry Jim, you come off as a poor sport and its one reason why it doesn't sadden me to know you won't be part of the Super Bowl.

--Who had the worst anthem? Steven Tyler or Kristin Chenoweth? What was with Tyler? Dude looked like a lady!! Purple highlights in his hair. BRUTAL! Meanwhile, it took Chenoweth forever to belt out "The Star Spangled Banner".

--There is no better referee in sports today than Ed Hochuli. The ref in the Giants-Niners game explained every controversial play perfectly and his explanation of NFL overtime was outstanding. The CFL would be wise to get Hochuli to come north to teach a thing or two in a clinic to CFL officials. I'm not joking.

--Alex Smith finally showed us the Alex Smith we had been waiting to see. In the big game, he was terrible. Meanwhile, Eli Manning gets more and more credibility and just may be granted with the title of an "elite" NFL quarterback if he should be hoisting the Vince in two weeks.

--Joe Flacco outplayed Tom Brady. He didn't get the desired result, but the much-maligned quarterback certainly earned some credibility by having a better effort than the guy that some think is the best ever to play the game. (For what its worth, that honour in my mind goes to Joe Montana.)

--The best way for NFL overtime to end would be for Brett Favre to quarterback both teams because you know sooner or later he will throw an interception that will cost his team the championship game. (See 2007 and 2009)

--Its great that the FOX Seattle HD channel on Access shows the American ads thus preventing me from seeing the CTV schlock that is out there and that everyone apparently hates. Thank you Access! Speaking of Access, they hosted the Humane Society Telethon Sunday night and over 50-thousand was raised. Great job Regina!!! Memo to Access: While media personalities like Buzz Elliot, Brad Grass, Kelsey Morrison and JC Garden helped out, where were the two people that host "Locker Talk" on your channel every week. Then again, we have our own little animal in Carlo Palazzo that we have to  look after so perhaps that was the reason for the snub.

--Should the NFL have had a booth review on the Lee Evans play in the endzone just before Cundiff missed his field goal. It looked like he had it for two steps before having the ball knocked out of his hands. Some have said its like the Calvin Johnson play a couple of years ago where you have to maintain posession the whole way through so it would have been ruled an incompletion. In such a big game though, would a review not have been the right thing to do.

--I didn't think the CBS pre-game show could be any worse, but James Brown not only interviewed Jim Rome (yes, if you didn't know he is now with CBS) and then Brown spoke to the E-Trade baby. An obvious career highlight.

--Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco could be mistaken for Dodgeball's White Goodman. Look at the two of them and tell me I'm wrong.

--Eli will go for Super Bowl 2 on his big brother's track. I wonder how big brother feels about that.

--Get ready for two weeks of hype!


Anonymous said...

Ravens outplayed the Patriots and deserved to be there, but the kicker screwed it up.

Anonymous said...

Bradshaw should have pointed at the camera and told that woman she was embarassing herself in front of millions of people. That was terrible!


Keith said...

Because both Tyler and Chenoweth were also appearing in ads during the game for their TV series, I was certain that the lady going after Bradshaw was Betty White doing a cameo, promoting her series which was also advertised to death during the game.