Thursday, January 26, 2012

This And That

--A lot is being made of Alexander Ovechkin skipping the all-star party this week. Yeah, he is being a baby about the whole thing, but its the all-star game so who cares? I hate all-star games because as I have documented before both on this blog and over the airwaves, its not a real game. I seriously don't know if I will watch a second of the all-star weekend and that includes the fantasy draft and the skills competition. I also won't watch any of the Pro Bowl because it will be worse.

--The Regina Pats are honoring Rick Rypien with a bobblehead night tomorrow against Swift Current. Good on the team for doing so, but why not take it one step further and retire his number. Those that watched Rypien in a Pats uniform know that he epitomized the bulldog on the crest and I think it would be a tremendous tribute to put number 11 up there with the likes of Wickenheiser, Derkatch and Hicke.

--Does the Western Major Baseball League need a communications person??? Does anyone for that matter?

--Speaking of the Western Major Baseball League, the champion Regina Red Sox have their rings.

--After stomping Detroit last night, are Habs fans planning the parade route?

--If I hadn't of let my passport expire, I'd have eaten a lot of wings and consumed a lot of Bud Light at the Press Box last night. I'm guessing the place was packed as the bar gave away an all expenses paid trip to Indy to watch the Giants-Patriots game.

--Saw a story out of Winnipeg where movie theatres are considering selling alcohol. With the price of popcorn and a coke at a movie, how much would a frickin beer cost at a movie. Thanks, but no thanks!

--Wayne Gretzky is 51 years old today. I feel old after typing that.

--Nothing against CTV's Lee Jones or Julie Stewart-Binks, but I love noon hour sportscasts with Don Hewitt. He's a beaut!!

--The Blue Jays signed 45 year old Omar Visquel this week. Was Tony Fernandez unavailable? Is Robbie Alomar coming out of retirement. I don't understand that one.

--There is no way Ales Hemsky can be on the Oilers by the trade deadline, but I am curious to see what Steve Tambellini can get for him. I will be shocked if he can get a first rounder like he got last year for Dustin Penner.

--Question from Rod Pedersen to Pat Fiacco on Wednesday's Sportscage---"How much money are you saving on snow removal this year?" No kidding! I'm not complaining either and I'm guessing either are you.

--The NFL Network will have its Super Bowl marathon starting Sunday. I have seen 44 of the 45 Super Bowl movies that NFL films have done. Those that know me likely know what one I haven't watched.

--MMA fighter Chael Sonnen is the most interesting interview I've ever seen. I'd love to know what colour the sky in this guy's world is. That being said, FOX can really hype this guy and the sport with its 2nd TV offering this Saturday night.

--So what is making these strange sounds across North America?

--I don't care how old you are, bubble wrap is always entertaining.


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Lee-Anne said...

I agree with you about Hemsky. I think he is pouting because he is not on the top line anymore. He's not considered a top 6 forward. Good luck to the Oilers with that one.
Another is Scott Gomez. He hasn't scored a goal in almost a calendar year! Are you kidding! What is his salary...around 6 million/yr? Get rid of that loser...if the Habs can.

Anonymous said...

Don Hewitt is a beaut. No doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even calssify Ovie as an all-star anymore. His game has left him.