Monday, April 1, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

That picture that Kory Sheets commented on over the weekend depresses me big-time as we hit April 1. It is encouraging to know though that it will all be gone by the time the Riders open up the pre-season at home. I hope it is at least.  How many more days is it until the season starts anyhoo?

Those wondering when spring will be arriving should know that it will take a while yet. It is tradition that as spring comes, the Toronto Maple Leafs are out of the playoffs and it looks like they will make it this year so we have a while to go yet.  In fact, six of the seven Canadian teams could make the playoffs, however Edmonton still looks iffy.

If Sidney Crosby got on the phone with Jarome iginla to convince him to play in Pittsburgh, is that not tampering? I wonder how the Bruins feel about that? Speaking of Sid, I guess we’ll find out if the Penguins can play without him the way they did without Malkin.  Will Sid getting hit in the face with the puck when he was wearing a visor now have everyone calling for cages?

Your final four teams are Syracuse, Wichita State, Michigan or should I say”Mitchigan” and Louisville.  The Wichita State team is coached by Greg Marshall which dispels any myth that you can’t win if your coach is named Greg Marshall.  Yes, that is a cheap shot and I should be penalized 10 yards or at least four minutes for it.  Louisville advanced by beating Duke, but the game was marred but a simply gruesome broken leg suffered by Louisville’s Kevin Ware. I could give you the Youtube link and let you see it If you haven’t, but I’m not going to.  I thought CBS did the right thing by showing the replay once and that was it. I believe TSN showed it as well, but also just once. Its something no one needs to really see time after time after time.

Who are the idiots thinking Lorne Molleken should be let go before the Memorial Cup starts after what happened to the Blades? As I said earlier, Molleken went from being a hero when the team won 18 in a row to seemingly being Saskatoon’s most hated guy. Where are the negative comments to the players who obviously pulled the chute in the first round? I’m not a big Blades fan, but if they should win the Memorial Cup (and I certainly hope they don’t after what happened), I hope Lorne tells the Saskatoon hockey fan who will be a happy bunch to shove it you know where.

What the hell is Jerry Jones thinking? A 6 year, 100 million dollar plus contract extension for a quarterback who has won one playoff game and seemingly can’t win the big game. BA HA HA HA HA!! Don’t count on Dallas winning the big game anytime soon! Seriously, what were you thinking Jerr-ah!

Say what you will about Ralph Klein, but the former Calgary mayor and the premier of Alberta was one of the most popular politicians we have seen and while some bristled at the way he did things, he did it and said it and he didn’t care who he offended. There are a lot of politicians and people in general who could take a page or two from the way Klein did things.

Even when he is out of the game, Sean Avery continues to act like a first class ass. I’m guessing his actions of Saturday night is one of the reasons why he isn’t playing hockey.

Have you seen Team Finland at the World Mens Curling Championship? If Canada had a rink that looks like they do, the whining would never end methinks. I bet those four are a howl after some nights at the Helsinki Curling Club.

So far, so good with the melt. I do have two questions though.  1) Will graders be out cleaning streets from all the slush that is now forming because some cars are getting stuck and 2) Will those cars be getting stuck on streets where there is hardly any room to navigate as it is because the streets are so narrow.

Its April Fools Day today. Remember that!

April might be the best month that sports has to offer----even with no football involvement! For those who care, I take the L-A Angels to beat the San Francisco Giants in the World Series and yes, I see the Jays making the playoffs. Do I see the Cubs making it? Only if they expand the playoffs by about 10 teams.

Here is one for all you baseball fans.

Have a good week and remember not to do anything that you wouldn’t want to explain to the paramedics.

(Mosaic Stadium photo courtesy Jean Guy Dauphinais)


Anonymous said...

If that picture doesn't sum up this winter, I don't know what does! Global had a piece on last nite about the amount of snow on Currie Field too. Did you see it?

Anonymous said...

6 more years with Romo. Thanks Dallas! It means six more years of mocking this over-rated clown.


Anonymous said...

Can the turf be damaged from all that snow?

Anonymous said...

If this doesn't convince the El Stupidos of the need for an enclosed facility nothing will. Now they are proposing to build one of these for ver 350 million. You know, a 350 million dollar snow collector.

Anonymous said...

So back in 2001 were you hoping that our Regina Pats would not win the Memorial Cup after our first round loss.
John B. - White City.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that we need an enclosed stadium after seeing that pic

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the powers that be feel about their brand new toy not being used for the winter months after seeing that pic. If its not going to be enclosed, don't waste your time and just upgrade the old place.


Anonymous said...

What the he'll is Jim Hopson thinking? A 2 year, 100 K dollar plus contract extension for a general manager who has a losing game history and seemingly can't win the big game. BA HA HA HA HA!! Don't count on Saskatchewan winning the big game anytime soon! Seriously, what we're you thinking Hop-py!