Sunday, August 11, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

For the first time this year, the Riders are coming off a loss. Yeah, it didn't look pretty on Friday night and some said the loss was predictable seeing they were coming off a bye week, but the Riders had a chance until the Jock Sanders braincramp which led to a Calgary safety which led to them gaining the momentum back.

The Rider defence didn't look good as Jon Cornish punished them for four touchdowns while Nik Lewis seemingly caught the ball whenever it was thrown to him, but the offence continued to move the football and that's a good sign because you know the defense is a lot better than they showed. The question now is who is the best team in the CFL? I would say its Calgary. How can you not say that?

Can you say Kory Sheets is like a baby's bottom. They are both smooth and explosive at times!!!

One thing that did upset me Friday night was the officiating. There are times in the CFL when the officiating is gawd-awful and it was that way at McMahon. How can you give John Chick a roughing the passer call in the first half when Kevin Glenn had just barely thrown the ball away. There were also times when Chick and other members of the Rider D-line were being held yet no linen flew. That is what makes the game so frustrating and if its that way in the stands, the pressbox or watching on TV, imagine what it must be like on the field.

Other tidbits from the weekend

 --The changes may have been  made in Winnipeg, but the gongshow continues. You would think Buck Pierce would get his job back, but nope ---3rd stringer Max Hall will start this week. What is going on there? One has to think Jeremy O'Day will get an interview for the GM's job.

 --How is it Rene Paredes can be charged with an attempt for a PAT that was blocked, yet the CFL says the blocked field goal which should have prevented his record for consecutive FG's made does not count as an attempt. This makes absolutely no sense. C'mon CFL, you are making yourself look bad.

 --The NFL pre-season is one week in and there may be no worse team out there than the New York Jets. They looked horrible in their game against Detroit. I love the fact the NFL Network shows all pre-season games. You get to take a look at all the teams. Its a football fans heaven!

 --LA Dodger Juan Uribe was thrown out at 3rd base Saturday when he fell victim to the hidden ball trick. Really? In this day and age, no one on one team realizes that the hidden ball trick is on. The Dodgers were definitely guilty of sleeping on that one. However, the Dodgers are one of the best teams in baseball since the all-star break so I'm guessing not many are complaining.

 --Jason Dufner had one of the more methodical and more boring rounds in the last round of a major to win. There wasn't much drama on the final 18 at Oak Hill. Oh well, at least Tiger wasn''t there.  Give a lot of credit to Jim Furyk who would not go away making big shot after big shot until the end. He was waiting to pounce on Dufner if he made a mistake, but that wasn't going to happen. By the way, did I just see things or did Jason grab his wife's ass after she came onto the course to celebrate with him? It sure looked like it to me. Is that what Dufnering is?

  --Went for a walk through Wascana Park with the family on Saturday night. It would have been perfect it weren't for the damn mosquitoes.

 --Sunday nights won't be boring for much longer. Thank god for Sunday Night Football!

 --If you're on Twitter and you want to see who is following you and who has dropped you...go to What a great site!!  By the way, thanks to the over 21-hundred who are following me.

 --Alex Rodriguez sickens me. When he loses his appeal, I hope that is it for him. It bothers me that all the other major leaguers suspended took their punishment like a man, but A-Rod won't. He may have actually won some people over if he had just said OK and accepted his penalty.

 --The Seattle Mariners put Ken Griffey Junior in their Hall of Fame on Saturday night. I can't help but wonder what type of numbers Griffey would have put up had he stayed healthy. I still can't believe his Seattle Mariners teams that included the likes of Randy Johnson and yes, I believe Alex Rodriguez did not win a World Series.

 --Why weren't there any interviews with Wayne Gretzky on his 25th anniversary trade to L-A. I found that strange.

 --Matt Sekeres --formerly of the Globe and Mail--now hosts a sports talk show in Vancouver. He asked listeners the other day who the second best Canadian athlete all time was giving Wayne the honor of number 1. I always thought "Iron Mike Sharpe" was Canada's greatest athlete.

 --Just another month until another season of "Locker Talk" begins on Access 7. I'm sure the promotional campaign will be kicking off very soon.

 That's all I got. The summer is winding down and it looks like it will be nice this weekend so enjoy it!!!


Anonymous said...

The CFL's rules are stupid. There's no way Pardes should have that record. A block is an attempt. The fact they say a PAT that is blocked is an attempt and not a FG makes me wonder if Proo wrote the rulebook.


Anonymous said...

Calgary is the best team in the CFL and it showed. Riders are good, but they have a ways to go yet. They have three months to figure it out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Big wakeup call for the Riders. I don't think this will be a trend though. I see them laying a beating on Montreal. If they don't, watch the naysayers come out of their hole.


Anonymous said...

The PAT crossed the line of scrimmage that is why he was charged with an attempt. Do I agree no but that is the reason why the difference.

Anonymous said...

Gretz did ONE interview for the 25th. With Terry Jones.

Anonymous said...

With the Yankees putting A-roid in the lineup, does that mean the Yankees are now playing small ball?


Anonymous said...

Iron Mike Sharpe.

I laughed for 5 minutes Mitch and there's probably only a handful of people that would get the reference.

boog a loo.

Anonymous said...

Griffey would be HR champ if he could stay healthy. There has never been a more pure swing in the game than his.


Anonymous said...

Not worried one bit about the Rider loss. It was going to happen sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

I got the IMS reference as well. You have to be a wrestling fan to get it.