Sunday, August 25, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

I gotta admit I had forgotten about this. Trevor Secundiak at the Ramada put this up on his Facebook page and yes he is right. Karma is a bitch isn't it! God, would I love for the Riders to re-enact this billboard and put it up in Winnipeg. Those that crowed about it just a few short years ago would be howling in disgust now. It does make you wonder though how that team could be at that point then an be where they are now. If I am correct, one could say the downslide started for "Swaggerville" and the Bombers after the two games against the Riders as they were beaten in Ken Miller's return to the sideline at both the Labour Day Classic and the Banjo Bowl.. At least that part of the scenario will likely repeat itself this time around, but as we have seen in the CFL anything can happen.

Riders head coach Corey Chamblin and the players said all week that Edmonton was a better football team than what their record indicated and he was right. That team didn't look like a 1-6 team and they gave the green and white everything they could handle Saturday afternoon in what turned out to be a pretty good football game that went back and forth until the 4th quarter when the defense clamped down when it counted.  Weldon Brown doesn't get a lot of attention, but he has made one of the big plays two weeks in a row. His hellacious hit on Mike Reilly ended any hopes of an Eskimo comeback while Dwight Anderson came up with a key interception for the 2nd week in a row.

Give Reilly a lot of credit for hanging in there. He took some big shots, but he kept bouncing up off the canvas.. It was hard not to cheer for the guy and truth be told, if he was playing any other team except for the Riders I would have been. Its going to be tough over the next couple of years because I don't see the talent level in the West declining, but the Eskimos are getting better and they should be in the mix somewhere next year. Lets just say they are in a LOT better shape than the Bombers.

Something has to be done with Diamond Ferri. Six...count em SIX 15 yard penalties in the last two weeks is simply unacceptable. He is hurting the team with his play, I realize the guy has a high motor, but Corey Chamblin has to settle him down. Sitting him for both Winnipeg games might accomplish that. Chamblin knows he can't accept what Ferri has done and that he must be held accountable. I don't think he gets released, but a message of some kind needs to be sent.

Like I said about Jerrell Freeman when he was playing at an extremely high level a couple of years ago, enjoy him now because he will be playing on Sundays soon. The same can be said for Kory Sheets. I will be shocked if he is here for the start of the CFL season next year because he will get an NFL shot and he likely will be an NFL running back next year. Sorry to say it, but its true. Just a couple of teams that come to mind right now that aren't strong at running back are the Jets and the Packers. Imagine Kory in an offence led by Aaron Rodgers doing what he is doing now. YIKES! There is no doubt in my mind that at this point, he should be the odds-on favourite for the CFL's Most Outstanding Player and this comes on a team where a guy has thrown 17 TD's and zero interceptions.

While we are talking about year-end awards, and yes I realize we are a LONNNNNNNGGGGG ways away from starting that talk in earnest. How about Chris Milo for special teams player of the year. He's 21 for 21 and that is a legit 21 for 21 as he hasn't had any attempts blocked like Rene Parades has.  Remember when there was talk that he could be replaced by Brody McKnight at the start of the season.

If I'm Khari Jones I'm not answering the phone this week. It could be Kyle Walters asking him to come back. What a mess the Bombers have made for themselves at quarterback!

Just some other odds and ends
   --Did you hear Rod Pedersen's interview with Rider GM Brendan Taman on Saturday afternoon. If not, go to and check it out. Brendan and crew are very superstitious. Rod told me last year that Corey Chamblin liked the fact I did the pre-game interview with him before home games because they won. They didn't win every game at home last year, but I'm still doing those interviews. Who am I to question Chamblin if he wants me doing the pre-game interview with him. If it means I get to do one with him on Grey Cup Sunday, I'm OK with it.

  --Graham DeLaet is once again showing he is right up there with the big boys. In fact, his 2nd place performance at the Barclays has him sitting 7th in the FedEx Cup standings. Who is ahead of him you may ask? Only Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, Phil Mickelson, Matt Kuchar, Justin Rose and Brandt Snedeker. One can truly say he has burst on the scene this year. Despite him having his best ever finish, TSN still had to give us 15-20 minutes of meaningless Olympic hockey orientation camp talk.

  --Morgan Campbell does a great job at reading sports at CTV.

  --The pic of Weston Dressler catching his touchdown against Montreal last week that was on the front page of the Leader-Post sports section Friday had a Sports Illustrated look to it. That's one of the best pics I've seen in a long time.

  --I will never ever understand the thought process of some, but I will chuckle at their decision-making. Yes, yes I will. I'm guessing many of you do the same thing.

   --I'm starting to become convinced that summer has moved from July-August to August-September.

    --It was great having Sunday night football to watch albeit exhibition as the Vikings played the Niners. US College Football begins this weekend. I think we made it as football on all levels is back.

    --With the Green Bay Packers releasing quarterback Graham Harrell, could the former Rider QB end up back in the CFL. I am thinking Winnipeg, Montreal and even the expansion Ottawa Redblacks might be interested, 

     --OD'ing on shrimp would not be a tough thing to do for this cowboy.
      --The combination of Lance Frazier and Luc Mullinder makes doing Rider talk on the Sportscage very easy. It was a lot of fun talking football with those two guys last week. CKRM scored a touchdown in getting those two guys to join the likes of Dominguez, Schultz and Szarka.
      --I applaud all who are trying to do what they can to bend the government's ear on twinning the highway between Regina and Estevan. There have been simply too many deaths and that stretch of highway has too much truck traffic. The sooner that stretch of road is twinned, the better it is and the safer it is for everyone. There are wayyyyyy too many people who have been tragically killed or injured on that stretch of road.

      --It seems to me as if there is very little advertising for the two NHL games in Saskatoon next month. It would seem as if the Bridge City is trying to keep it their little secret. That being said, I'm not hearing a lot of buzz for the Islanders-Flames games that is happening at the Brandt Center either.

     --Ben Affleck is going to be the next Batman? Did anyone ask Weston Dressler?

      --I have to get to Pats camp before the team sends first round bantam pick Sam Steel back to Alberta. I have heard nothing but great things about the kid. I need to see him in person and see what all the hype is. I'm guessing I won't be disappointed.

     --If you are texting two people at the same time, does that make you a "bitextual"???

Have a good week!!!!



Anonymous said...

Gotta admit that I've become a fan of Anderson. He has kept his act clean after that first game and he is shutting down the other teams top guy when it matters.
Great convo with you Ballsy and Zarka talking about his jersey #. That would be a little different for long time vets to see that. Geno doesn't have to worry though.


Anonymous said...

Ferri has become a liability. CC needs to sit him down for at least a week. Perhaps missing a game cheque will settle him down,

Anonymous said...

Does ferri have six penalties in two weeks? I thought it was four which was bad enough but how does a guy even get six?

Anonymous said...

Sheets won’t be NFL bound, he’ll be 29 next year. That’s too close to the NFL’s dreaded age 30 where RB performance is said to begin to decline.

Anonymous said...

Jeebus Mitch, can't we just enjoy a season-for-the-ages by Kory Sheets, before we plan the "bon voyage" party?! Don't get too attached to him folks, he's too good for us and he's going to leave! Such a typical old Saskie attitude....

Anonymous said...

There's an NHL exhibition game being played in Saskatoon? Who and when?

Anonymous said...

Taman told Rod a couple of weeks ago that there is significant interest in Sheets. He's gone!


Anonymous said...

I think Suitor said during Saturday's game that Ferri has taken 105 yards in penalties over the last few weeks. By my math, that makes it 7!! 15 yarders.

Anonymous said...

The Durant haters are quiet this week.

Anonymous said...

Boston vs. Winnipeg in Saskatoon September 27th. This game was announced almost 2 years ago and was postponed because of the lockout.

I think there's a game in Regina too.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Milo was a liability. I don't think that way anymore though. He's been great!


Anonymous said...

Does Ferri have six? I heard Suitor say that during the broadcast. I thought it was 4 as well.

Anonymous said...

A lot of teams in the NFL could use a RB like Sheets. He's gone. Get used to it RF.