Friday, August 16, 2013

This And That

Just the weekly collection of thoughts running around my mind in no particular order....
 --A week after the Riders lost to Calgary and I still think Jon Cornish is a "Grade A" idiot....however thoughts that he has replaced Henry Burris as public enemy number 1 are just stupid. Henry will have that title for a long, long time.
 --Sounds like I missed a pretty good concert on Wednesday night. I talked to many people that went to see Sir Paul at Mosaic and all came away saying they were blown away.
 --I wonder how many people were standing in those long lines waiting to get in were thinking to themselves----"We don't need a new stadium".  This just in----I can't see those lines materializing at the new place.
 --It does sound as if Regina Transit was lacking when it came to getting everyone home. Its my understanding Regina Transit had every possible bus they could have in operation Wednesday night. Does that mean they were lacking or they just didn't have the resources? Its perhaps a combination of both and I'm sure its something that will be fixed by Grey Cup Sunday.
 --Andrew Albers just seems like a down to earth Saskatchewan kid that is grateful for the opportunity he has been given by the Minnesota Twins. Hopefully, his major league career isn't detoured by a trip back to Triple A.
--I have said the Saskatchewan imports on the world sporting scene are doing this province proud---names like McMorris, DeLaet and Albers. You definitely have to add Brianne Thiesen-Eaton to that list. The Humboldt native winning silver at the world track championships. Nice job!
 --I have it from a very reliable source that former Rider and current MLA Gene Makowsky took out two of his fellow Saskparty members at the caucus football game which went up at P-A National Park last weekend. Not only has mean Gene trimmed down, but he is apparently wanting to play defence now. Hey Richie, if McCullough doesn't come back or Hurl gets hurt, give Geno a call.  My source also says that while shaken up both Dustin Duncan and Paul Merriman will be back in action soon.
--Baseball is long enough and now you have managers having an opportunity to make a challenge not once but twice in the final 3 innings. That could be a real buzzkill.
  --Former CTV Regina sports girl Julie Stewart-Binks is part of the new Fox Sports 1 network that launches this Friday. Julie has her own daily soccer show which I'm hoping will get picked up by Sportsnet or Sportsnet 360 as well as some other FS1 programming.
  --So Montreal is struggling and they make a move by firing Dan Hawkins and bringing Jim Popp into the coaches chair. Winnipeg cans Joe Mack and Garth Buchko and brings in some former blood in Kyle Walters and Wade Miller. The question just begs to be asked about Edmonton and how much longer will it be. I can't think the mucky-mucks that make the decisions in Edmonton are happy with what Ed Hervey and Kavis Reed are doing.
  --In my business, you hear a lot of different rumours about a lot of different people and a lot of different teams. I've heard a few great ones this week. I'd share some, but they are rumours and I don't want to get anyone in any perceived trouble whether it be rumour or not.
  --I've said it before and he keeps coming back, but I think I can truly say this time will be the last time that Anthony Calvillo sets foot in Mosaic Stadium as a CFL quarterback. I just can't see him going on for another year after the way this year has gone.
   --Two thumbs up to Cliff Mapes over at the Pats office for coming up with this beauty for season ticket holders, Love it!!!

Hard to believe that training camp is just a couple of weeks away. The team hasn't done a lot as far as player personnel goes over the off-season, but there seems to be an aura of freshness over there. 
  --I would love to see Justin Morneau wearing a Blue Jays uniform,
  --I think Sunday's WWE Summerslam will be outstanding. I usually only watch two PPV's and that's WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble, but I will be checking out this one as well.
   --I thought it was supposed to get colder once the exhibition ended. Not this  year!!!!
    --I say the UFC will be in Saskatchewan for its first ever card early in 2015 and it will go in Saskatoon. If Dana White was impressed with what he saw in Winnipeg for their first ever card, wait till he sees how its embraced in Saskatchewan. 
      --If you are reading this, congratulations you know how to read.
Have a great weekend!!!  GO RIDERS!!!


Anonymous said...

Leave Hervey and Reed alone. The longer they stay in Edmonton, the better it is for the Riders.

Anonymous said...

Esks are too stubborn to make changes...they still think the "Eskimo Way" is how to win in the CFL, forgetting that the Eskimo Way only worked when there was no salary cap and they were the richest team. Those days are over but Hervey, Len Rhodes and the Esks board are loath to let that reality sink in.

Anonymous said...

That's right. Tell the Edmonton muck mucks that Hervey and Reed are doing great.

Anonymous said...

Don't count out AC yet Scruffy!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Reed hasn't been canned in Edmonton. The guy is terrible! I remember Tillman saying this guy could be our next head coach down the line when they were here. What a nightmare that would have been!


Anonymous said...

That print will look great on my wall. I bought season tickets again seeing Brent Parker is no longer a part of the equation.


lee said...

how with a straight face can u say there will not be line ups at the new stadium I am in favour of a new stadium but saying there will be no lineups is foolish