Friday, August 30, 2013

This And That

I'm not going to lie to you, I do not feel the buzz for the Labour Day Classic that I normally feel. The LDC is the best game of the year as you see Bomber fans mixed in with Riders fans, but it would appear as if the greasefire that is the Bombers has resulted in many from our neighbouring province deciding not to make the trek. Its my understanding that not many from Winnipeg are coming and that they won't even put up their merchandise stand like they have in the past. Yes, the Bombers ineptitude may have killed the LDC for at least this year.  I guess I can't really blame them. That being said, I'm sure there will still be a lot of energy coming from around the stadium as we get close to kickoff on Sunday.

I am snickering at those who are trying to poke holes in the Riders even though they are a league best 7-1. Yes as a fan, you can wonder why Geroy Simon isn't getting the ball more or what the team is doing about Diamond Ferri because of his constant 15 yard penalties, but at the end of the day the football team is likely to be in a spot they have never been in before after Sunday and that is 8-1. Enjoy the ride!! Now if for some reason the Riders should lose to Winnipeg on Sunday then go nutz because the team will have played like crap and will deserve some criticism. The stuff they are getting now is just ridiculous.

Tough break for the Argos in losing Ricky Ray for six weeks. The East is wide open now except for Winnipeg. Perhaps those that wanted the Hamilton-Saskatchewan Grey Cup will get their wish because Hamilton could be the best team between the Argos, Ti-Cats and Alouettes right now just for the fact that Hamilton still has Henry Burris while Toronto is without Ray and Montreal is without Calvillo.

Why does it take the CFL so long to fine a guy? Weldon Brown's "helmet to helmet" hit on Mike Reilly happens Saturday yet the league waits till Thursday to announce it. That decision should come 48 hours after a game is over.

Hockey Canada's orientation camp was ridiculed by many and yes the coverage of it by TSN and Sportsnet was wayyyyyyyy over the top, but just remember Mike Babcock is the coach of this team and Mike Babcock is a winner. His "ball hockey" like run through had some meaning to it. If it didn't. he wouldn't have done it.

The Regina Pats started training camp on a day where it was 34 degrees outside.. That just didn't seem right.

I mentioned that there is seemingly no buzz for the Labour Day Classic. I think I can categorically say there is no buzz for the upcoming Pats season which is sad. If people are talking about it, I don't know where they are gathering.

Someone needs to please rationalize to me how Regina police could not charge the parent of the two young children that were left inside a hot car at the Golden Mile this week. I was in shock when police said they received a stern talking to. Why were charges not laid? Is this not negligence of some fashion? What message is it sending? Will I get a "stern talking to" if I am caught texting on my phone or if I don't come to a complete stop?  That one just didn't make sense.

I have once again gotten into too many NFL fantasy football pools. I'm in 4.  How many are you in?

Graham DeLaet will tee off right after a threesome that involves Adam Scott, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson at the Deutsche Bank Championship today. I am guessing Graham won't be yelling up the fairway for those three to get a move on.

It will not look right tomorrow to see Ryne Sandberg at Wrigley Field managing the Philadelphia Phillies. For those that don't know, Sandberg tops the list of my favourite all-time athletes. With all apologies to Robbie Alomar fans, he is the best 2nd baseman baseball has ever seen and yes I am biased.

Madden 25 is a great way to kill a night. What a fantastic game!

It means squat, but a Seahawks 4-0 pre-season is nice to see. asked its writers across the country to make their all-star teams. That list can be found right here.

FWIW, here's my midseason all star team

QB Durant, RB Sheets, Cornish  WR, Green, Stamps, Owens Dressler OL: Labatte, Heenan, Jones, Tsoumpas, Archibald

DL--Hall,  Hughes, Sewell, Shologan  LB: Williams, Hebert, Cox DB: Anderson, Marsh, Banks, Watkins and Brackenridge

K- Milo ( I can't believe everyone went with Paredes)

Agree or disagree?

How can you not love UFC ring girl  Brittney Palmer??

If that's not a good spot to end it, I don't know what is. Have a great weekend. Keep it between the lines. GO RIDERS!


Anonymous said...

I worry about one number more than anything. We're not allowing many points, but we are giving up a lot of yards through the air, which is something Calgary and BC are not doing. It may bite us at some point if our pass defence is fundamentally flawed. What worries me more, is that no one seems to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

We're giving up a lot of passing yards because in general we've been leading games and teams have to go to their passing offense to try to come back.

No one's talking about it because it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Its rockbottom in Winnipeg. Why spend your money to come here and see your team get shitkicked. I don't blame them. Hopefully they get their act back together to make LD what it should be. Good read again today Mitch.


Anonymous said...

Brittney might be the hottest woman on earth. I love her!

Anonymous said...

Good question on police. If the kids had needed medical attention would a charge have been laid. It is negligence plain and simple. Too many people are guilty of it these days and I admit I have been as well, but I make sure my car is in eyesight if I leave my kids inside.


Anonymous said...

Rider fans just need something to bitch at. Look at their fanboard for proof. Its sad!

Anonymous said...

Everyone took Paredes over Milo? That's surprising.

Quick Draw McGraw said...

Brittney Palmer; I just gizzed in my shorts!!

Anonymous said...

Alomar's career numbers are better than Sandberg's and no 2nd Basemen had a better gove. Alomar also has 2 World Titles. It's not even close. ALOMAR!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Alomar over Sandberg.
I think Brittney is wow. Yeah.