Monday, September 16, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

Another week, another loss in Riderville. Is it time to panic? NO! Does this car need to make a pitstop because a tune-up is needed?. Yup! I'm not calling for the engine to be overhauled or the tires to be replaced, but for the belts to be tightened and the fluids to be checked because right now this football team is leaking oil.

Once CTV's Lee Jones said Kory Sheets was done for the night, I had a bad feeling about Saturday's game. Without the league's rusher and arguably the most outstanding player, the Argos had no respect for the run. They just pinned their ears back and came after Darian Durant. The Rider QB did his best to withstand the constant pressure and while he threw three interceptions, he also threw for 381 yards and put the team in position to at least tie the football game at the end by driving down the field for a score.  Durant was frustrated after the game, but he wasn't going to make excuses and either was Coach Chamblin.

“We have 42 men on gameday, not three. “Chamblin said. “The guys who are in backup roles have to step up if they are called upon. I thought Neal Hughes did a great job stepping in for Kory. It doesn’t matter who we have out there, its professional football and we have to do what we can to win the football game. It didn’t come out that way tonight so we will go back and look at the film and re-evaluate.”

While I don't disagree with Corey when he makes that statement, when you don't have Sheets, Dressler and Rey Williams in the lineup, it is damn tough to win a football game. As Lee Jones first reported during Saturday's game and as the player himself mentioned on Twitter, Ejiro Kuale is on his way to Riderville and will man the middle. I am hearing rumours that Sheets' injury may keep him our for next week's game against BC, but Chris Garrett will be ready and Dressler should return. Will Durant? His hand is banged up and there is a fear that he perhaps has a broken pinkie finger.  The war wounds are starting to pile up, but I think this team has the depth to bounce back. The Lions are coming in here Sunday afternoon as the Riders start what is going to be a huge stretch of games for them and one that will tell us just exactly what type of team they are. If they are the type of team I think they are, they'll be OK. By no means am I suggesting they will run the table because they won't, but this team isn't swirling in an out of control fashion downhill.

I am convinced the spirit of Dave Ridgway lingers inside Mosaic Stadium. That's the only explanation I have for Chris Milo hitting the upright on what would have been his 29th consecutive FG breaking the club record held by Ridgway. Thanks Dave!! We could have used three points.

Why does the CFL play Sunday games after Labour Day? The hardcore fans that hate the NFL won't  like this, but there are too many "football" fans in this country that do spend their Sundays watching the NFL. In all honesty, I completely forgot Montreal was playing BC Sunday afternoon until I happened to do some channel surfing during a commercial break in the Manning Bowl. Why on earth would the CFL have the Lions playing a home gane when the Seattle Seahawks (more on them in a moment) were playing that night too when many from BC head south. I would like to see the ratings of that game compared to the Manning Bowl in this country and see what the result is.

Back to the Riders for just a quick second. It didn't take long as I drove home from the game to hear the anti-Durant sentiment as the first call on the CKRM post-game show was idiotic and moronic enough to suggest the Riders pursue Henry Burris and ditch their starting quarterback.  BA HA HA HA HA!!!  Why is it the fanbase in these parts constantly pick on the starting quarterback and they want someone else in there. If it happened to Ronnie, I shouldn't be surprised that it happens to Darian, but it makes me question the wisdom of the so-called "intelligent football fan". With Toronto coming at him at each and every play, he still managed to throw for 381 yards when the Argos knew he had to throw,. He engineered another last second TD drive when the team absolutely had to have one and he just about pulled it out of the fire. Yes. he threw three interceptions, but the man doesn't walk on water. I should have listened to the Giants post game show after the Manning Bowl to see how many thought Eli Manning should have been pulled for David Carr or that he is garbage. To those that say Durant has won us nothing, I will counter by saying he won us the 2009 Grey Cup because when he walked off the field after 60 minutes, his team was the winner. A Twitter follower by the name of Craig Gerein perhaps summed it up best when he wrote Sunday morning.

"Passion overrides common sense every time this team loses a football game". I am reminded of that everytime I hear the call-in show.

While it came at the expense of Sheets' injury, I was happy to see Neal Hughes get significant playing time Saturday night. I have always been a big fan of number 32 right from his days with the Rams and I was a pretty happy camper when he got signed by the football team as a free agent after everyone whiffed on him draft day for some stupid reason. I've always thought he could have had a bigger career if he would have been given a chance to have more of a role running the ball in his younger days, but the Barrett-Shivers combo never saw it that way. Too bad for Neal. He'll go back to being the backup this week, but he had some much deserved time in the spotlight Saturday.

Alright, to the NFL and I knew deep down all week the Seattle Seahawks would stomp Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers and I was right. What a performance by the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football making this long-time fan extremely happy. I'm not a fan of Jim Harbaugh and I love seeing someone stick it to him every chance they get. Yes, the Seahawks are a much better team at home with the 12th man behind them than they are on the road, but they sent a message to the NFL last night with their play on defense even though it is just week 2. LOVE IT!!!! 

I laughed after the game when a 49ers fan accused me of being a bandwagon jumper. HA HA HA HA HA!!!  That would be like calling John Frenzy a bandwagon jumper when it comes to the Riders. I'm not as passionate as the ageless Frenzy, but I've been a fan of that team since Day 1 in 1976 and have gone through the likes of Zorn, Largent, Krieg, Easley, Kennedy, etc. etc. etc. That comment was a little off its mark, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Did you watch Texas A and M quarterback Johnny Manziel on Saturday? The most polarizing athlete in US college sports these days did his thing against Alabama and while his team lost, he did make some great plays and throws. However, Manziel seems to me to lack some of the smarts and other abilities needed to be an NFL quarterback. As was mentioned in the pressbox at Mosaic the  other night, he's like Tim Tebow only he can throw. I don't know if this guy will be a good NFL quarterback or not. Right now, I don't think he would be. In fact, I think Alabama's A-J McCarron would be a better bet than Manziel when it comes to a solid NFL career.

When the Ottawa Redblacks take the field in 2014, my guess is Zach Collaros will be their starting quarterback.

This is strictly rumour and is nowhere close to being fact, but I will throw it out there. The Redblacks are looking at University of Calgary coach Blake Nill to be a part of their staff when they take the field next year.

I thought both north and southbound lanes of the Ring Road between Victoria and south Albert were being re-paved, but its only the northbound lane that has been done (and it is nice and smooth and great to drive on). Is the southbound lane being done too and if so, when?

There are many Reginans out there who could not be bothered with the September 25 referendum on the wastewater treatment plant. You will be bothered if your bill goes up by an extra 278 dollars, so get out there and vote.

There looks to be a lot of good TV shows coming on this year. "The Blacklist" and "Hostages" are two that I may have to check out. It seems to me as if networks are trying to find those "24" like espionage shows to air these days. Speaking of which, when is "24"coming back. I can't wait for that.

ESPN's Colin Cowherd said it the best the  other day when explaining boxing's relativity right now. Boxing is like a fireworks store on the 4th of July. Its popular for a few days before and on the day, but then it just slides away again. There was no boxing talk until about 72 hours before the Floyd Mayweather fight and the talk ended about 12 hours after it was over. Boxing has become taken over by the UFC and they may never get the headlines back that they used to,

Daniel Bryan won the WWE belt again? I knew he would and then drop it to Randy Orton at Summerslam, but I didn't think he would win it back at the next PPV. What does Vince have up his sleeve?

The gang from High Impact Wrestlng will be in to promote this Friday's show on Locker Talk this week. I hope they send someone worth talking to and not some schmuck like Rex Roberts again. Can I put a request in for Crazy Horse? 

At the same time we are taping Tuesday's show, the Islanders and Flames will be playing NHL pre-season hockey at the Brandt Centre. I hope both teams bring an NHL caliber lineup. There are a lot of people out there who aren't putting down the $$$ because they have seen the Flames bring out AHL caliber teams for games in Saskatoon and they don't want to get burned. Then again, with no more Kiprusoff and Iginla having been traded, don't the Flames have an AHL-caliber lineup now? Bottom line is the NHL wants to come back to Regina for more games, but they need to see there is a desire for it so I hope the Brandt Centre is jammed for that game that sadly I will not see.

If the Blue Jays lose one of their final 13 games. they will be a baseball team below 500 this year. There weren't many who saw that coming in March. It will be interesting to see what the autopsy of this season brings with that squad and whether or not, they try again to take a run at the big boys in the AL East. Something tells me it will be the latter.

Do the Regina Thunder have a media person that sends game-day releases out as to how they did? If so, I need to get on that mailing list as the only way I found out about their score Sunday afternoon was seeing a tweet from Ian Hamilton of the Leader-Post with the final. I know the Thunder has a Twitter account and I do follow, but either their updates or were getting lost in my tweetline or they weren't coming.

Have a good week!  Later!


Anonymous said...

The Redblacks starting QB will come from Calgary - either Bo Levi Mitchell or Drew Tate (can't protect both).

I agree get out a vote "NO"! The city is making the right call on this one.

Anonymous said...

The Durant hate is out of control. He is the best QB we have had here since Lancaster and gives us the best chance to win. That quote from Mr. Gerein is very accurate.


Anonymous said...

Why are the media in this town so supportive of Durant?

Anonymous said...

Seahawks look great Scruffy.

Anonymous said...

If Sheets is out for an extended period of time, the season is over.

Anonymous said...

If Collaros, Goltz and Riley can have great games against this defense, what are established QB's like Lulay going to do. This team is going to finish 3rd in the West, you wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Great assessment of Manziel. McCarron could be a great NFL quarterback depending on the system.

Anonymous said...

Right on Steve

Anonymous said...

Better check the stats, their games weren't that good. Goltz was not good at all, Reilly was better & Collaros was the best but still nothing to brag about.

Anonymous said...

Is Chamblin clueless or what? 14 yards on 6 carries and he's proud of Neil Hughes??? wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Ottawa won't want Tate because he's injury prone. They won't want Glenn because of his age. Mitchell will be the starter in Calgary next year. Collaros could be the guy. He looked pretty poised on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Manziel needs a couple of more years. To say he is like Tebow is insulting. He is a much more complete QB and will be in the NFL for years unlike Tebow.

Anonymous said...

nice metaphor at the beginning

Anonymous said...

I not sure Chamblin is the one that is clueless. It's you!

Anonymous said...

The one's who blame the QB in football are the same ones that blame the goaltender in hockey. It reveals a lack of knowledge of the game. A simple scape goat by a simple mind.