Sunday, September 14, 2014

Something To "Mitch" About

How ya feelin now Rider Nation? That certainly was a bitter pill to swallow as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were dominant in beating the Riders 26-3 in what was an ugly football game in what has become a season of ugly football games.

Just some thoughts

  --If the Darian haters didn't shut up after this one they never will. You knew there was going to be a drop-off when you lose your franchise quarterback and it showed. Tino Sunseri can be and hopefully will be much better, but his first start was nothing to crow about.

  --The energy level didn't seem to be there right from the get-go. The team looked dead. There didn't seem to be any emotion on that sideline whatsoever

  --You knew Hamilton would be loading up to stop the run, yet there was seemingly no play action to keep the defence honest. A few rollouts would have been OK too as it seemed the game plan was much to vanilla in nature.

  --Weston Dressler needs to get involved in bubble screens, power sweeps and other plays.

  --Not having the players you want on the field because of injury is an excuse, but Corey Chamblin must be spitting nails over the fact his return team gave up yet another TD.


Other odds and ends

  --I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the Argos-Stamps game Saturday night, but I thoroughly hated the second half. What the Argos did was inexcusable. They had a chance to turn their season around by beating the Stampeders in Calgary and they simply took their foot off the pedal defensively. Tim Burke should be called on the carpet for that one. In fact, the argument could be made that Tim Burke be relieved of his duties.

 --Mike Reilly is all of a sudden the only number one quarterback left in the West as Darian Durant, Travis Lulay, Bo Levi Mitchell and Drew Willy have all gone down. One has to think there is concern in Calgary if Mitchell's injury is serious as we know Drew Tate is made of glass. Calgary also may have lost the services of Charleston Hughes for a while. As Corey Chamblin told me before the Banjo Bowl, whoever is the healthiest will go a long ways as to who finishes first in the West. Does that mean advantage Edmonton?

--I can't believe I just wrote something suggesting the Eskimos will finish first!

--Where is Kavis Reed?

--I think its safe to say the football world was in shock over the Adrian Peterson story. Adrian Peterson deserves whatever punishment he gets.  What he did was heinous, disgusting and over-the-top, but what he also did was by all accounts do to his son what his dad did to him. The same can be said of a lot of football players ie: Darnell Dockett of Arizona,..

Times have definitely changed!! When we were growing up, kids could get the strap from their principal or the wooden spoon would come out or worse at home. I know took the wooden spoon a time or two and I know a lot of other people who did too. You just can't do what Peterson did in 2014....even though he has admitted to doing to his son what his daddy did to him. I can only imagine the firestorm if a kid came home from school today saying he had gotten the strap from his teacher.  There's a culture issue at play here as well, but it still doesn't make up for what happened. After the Ray Rice story, it will be interesting to see what happens to Peterson and his future with the Vikings.

Week 2 NFL thoughts

  --All credit to San Diego. When you hold a team to having the ball for under 20 minutes, you deserve to win and that is what the Chargers did.

 --Many thought going into the season Antonio Gates was washed up. The guy to me is still the 2nd best TE in the NFL behind Jimmy Graham and it showed.

 --The New Orleans Saints are 0-2??

 --The Buffalo Bills are 2-0??

 --Were CFL refs looking at the Percy Harvin "touchdown". Even this Seahawks fan will tell you that was a BAD call!!!

 --Two weeks in a row my survivor pick has had me sweating at the half. Philly last week, Green Bay this.

  --Can we start officially referring to RG3 as a bust?

 --With all the bad we saw in the NFL this week, the story of Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still restored some faith that there are many good stories in the league.

 --A great question for you. What would you rather have. Your favourite team win or your most hated team lose?

 --NHL rookie camps are here. It means the season is right around the corner. Can't wait!!

  -- The Pats home opener is less than a week away. I had plans to be at that game and see the "new-look" Pats, but I'll be in Edmonton doing the play-by-play of the Rams game on 620 CKRM next Saturday so I'll miss it. Oh well. I'll have 35 other opportunities and hopefully a couple of home playoff dates to watch.

--After what happened to Tim Bozon last  year, its hard to believe he is at Montreal Canadiens rookie camp and playing well. I don't think any of  us really know how close that kid was to dying after being hospitalized in Saskatoon with meningitis.

--When you add Oscar Pistorius, Chris Davis and the situation involving the Atlanta Hawks, it was a very bad week for sports. It might be the worst when you consider everything that happened.

That's all I got. Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Brendan Taman should be called on the carpet for this developing 2014 season fiasco. In fact, the argument could be made that Brendan Taman be relieved of his duties, Immediately !

Anonymous said...

Manitoba Bison Jordan Yantz a better QB than Saskatchewan Roughriders Tino Sunseri.

Anonymous said...

I heard a great song on the weekend and thought it would serve as an excellent replacement for the "Pirate" song used for the 4th quarter stretch.

The song is "Saskatchewan Son-Of-A-Gun" by Tim Hus. It includes reference to the 13th man, and is funny and will get people dancing in the aisles during the 4th quarter stretch.

If you have any pull with the Rider brass Mitchell, perhaps you can have them make the change up in the tune selection and make many fans forever grateful.

Anonymous said...

The whackjobs have been waiting for seven weeks for this. The Taman haters are just as dense as the Durant haters. Its comical, very comical.

Anonymous said...

How in the heck is Taman responsible for the injury to Durant?

There is a real lack of depth in QB in the whole CFL. Just look at Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto.

Calgary is lucky because Tate was not yet a free agent, but he will go somewhere else next year to be a starter. Like Drew Willy, he is not happy to carry a clip-board and wait for an injury to the starter.

BC traded for Glenn because their starter Lulay was hurt and out before the season even started.

Sometime it seems that a personal dislike of an individual GM makes people blind to reality. Taman has put together a great team that could have been in the Grey Cup. Players like Peters etc are our future and the Riders have done well at building a competitive team. Its just our misfortune to have lost our best player and team leader.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in Saskatchewan there's a High School kid playing nine man football that can kick better than Milo. C'mon Taman, find a kicker.

Anonymous said...

We waited all week for Tino Sunseri and got Cole Bergquist! What a poor display!


Anonymous said...

Tino had better catch up to the speed of the game in a hurry - if he can't make quicker decisions we need to start putting in one of our other quarterbacks. Tino looked like a deer caught in headlights. To all the DD haters - how does it feel to finally understand how important he is to the success of our team.

We have Ottawa next - if Tino doesn't put up a better performance we are in deep trouble since the final six games are against Edmonton (three times), Calgary (twice) and Montreal (thought this would be a gimmie - not no more).

Playoffs - still probable. GC - no way. Tino needs too much development at this point - would need a heck of a turnaround.

DD get well soon.

Anonymous said...

I took heat on the Ray Rice issue, but what Adrian Peterson did to that child was a criminal act. That was flat out child abuse, child neglect, and aggravated assault.

We came from the era when the Principal could "strap". I was in the office once when he took it out of the filing cabinet. I learned later on the "strap" was more for effect to get a point across and nobody got whipped. He did it to scare the sh*t out of us, and we didn't horse around again for the rest of the year.

If you study the psychology abuse victims wind up being abusers. This garbage about turning out fine is straight bunk. The people who got whoopins, lickins, hit, are not fine. They are anything, but fine they are emotionally and mentally screwed up and it stems from childhood.

You discipline by setting boundaries and consequences. You discipline by telling a child very early on:

1) I am on your side always
2) There are rules
3) It is always your choice as to whether you follow those rules
4) If the rules are not followed there are consequences.

The consequences are give and take. You take from there, you limit their activity, and you explain why. That is what is done out of love, not beating a child senseless. All those assaults do is make it so the child will know how to avoid detection.

Chris Carter spoke very clearly on this, and he was absolutely correct. I also noticed Ray Lewis didn't say one word. That guy couldn't look a Cyclops in the eye.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

NFL = Natural Felons Legion

Anonymous said...

Dear whackjob,
Ha ha ha, your funny, comical, very comical, and dense all In one sentence.

Fire Taman.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy is getting close to taking over the #1 blogger in Regina, he is consistently putting out columns every Monday and Friday, while Pedersen is too busy and is slipping. Haha, just kidding Pedersen, your blog still rocks. Anyways, good job Scruffy, appreciate reading every Monday and Friday.


Anonymous said...

Taman not responsible for on field personal injury, but he's responsible for the now played out team aftermath because he failed to provide a proven backup when he put all his marbles in one basket on a olĸ brittle starting quarterback who looks like a fat little sausage in the Rider green and white. Time for developing the team future starts now, find a new QB scouting dept.

75flyersbestteamever said...

With everyone's QB seemingly "made of glass"-to quote Professor Blair it's going to boil down to who has the most vicious Defense come November. Offense will be MIA..AND THEREFORE
... 12-9 may be your typical winning score,...and cross your fingers, a Rouge is the winning score in this years Grey Cup. Capping off a weird season.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of boundaries, you have now crossed over to,



Anonymous said...

My mom took a wooden spoon to me when I was 7 for taking money out of her purse and pocketing it. I learned NEVER EVER to do that again. It was child abuse then and its child abuse now, but no one ever suggested child abuse back in 1970. Times have definitely changed! I would never ever think of hitting my kid with a wooden spoon although at times I wonder if it would send the message across to him as it did to me.


Anonymous said...

Rider fans eating their young after one loss. God, I love reading your blog and Pedersen's after a loss. It is so amusing!!


Anonymous said...

I think we're finding out that Chris Best is the best.

Anonymous said...

Sunseri looked bad, but can we give him a 2nd chance when he has a few more reps working with #1 guys.

Anonymous said...

The whole team was terrible yewterday. END OF STORY!!


Anonymous said...

To the third anon. I like that Tim Hus song too.

Wilf Carter

Anonymous said...

Tim Hus had as a fan the great Stompin' Tom Conners! He saw Tim as a singer/song writer who could continue his legacy. I hope Mitchell can twist some arms at the Rider office to get this song on the PA or ideally replacing the Pirate song.

Mitchell Blair said...

Send an MP3 copy of the song to the Rider office. They will get it to the appropriate spot. I would fully endorse a song to replace "Last Sask Pirate".

Anonymous said...

And you would be the head cheerleader of, "We want Yantzy" We want Yantzy"

Anonymous said...

Who's Pedersen ?



Anonymous said...

Peterson incident,

This Is 4 year old developing child, a child just barely out of the baby stages of life. Misapropriated misguided old school judgment on the fathers part Adrian Peterson. He himself should know well enough how the psychological scars never heal, leaving a dark heavy empty feeling on a young soul while placing a deep void place on the human spirit.


Anonymous said...

I'd never heard the song 'Saskatchewan son of a gun' but I googled it and listened to it. I fully agree it would be better than the pirate song.


Anonymous said...

I heard Obama's dad used a switch on him. Not advised.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about getting MP3 songs (still a CD guy), but I wonder if the great 620 CKRM would be able to forward a copy of the Saskatchewan Son-of-a gun song to the appropriate person at Rider HQ.

Anonymous said...

Here are the lyrics to the "Saskatchewan Son-of-a Gun Song by Tim Hus (A song fit for a Rider game day if there ever was one):

The prairie is a place, you can watch your dog run away for days
Golden fields of wheat as far as you can see
There’s nowhere in the whole world with more Richardson’s ground squirrels
Grain elevators in a line out in the land of the living skies

When you see me counting rabbits on a can
Wearin’ the pride of the thirteenth man
Hear about all of the curling I done
Well, there ain’t no doubt just where I’m from:
I’m a Pilsner drinkin’, whitetail huntin’
Purple burnin’, stubble jumpin’
Slough boggin’, prairie doggin’
Rod and reelin’, snowmobilin’
Genuine big sky son-of-a-gun
From Saskatchewan!

Everywhere that I have been from Estevan up to Creighton
Meadow Lake to Speedy Creek and everyplace in between
Street so wide on the main drag you can drive a combine to the bank
And if I won a million, son, I’d keep farmin' ‘till it's gone

I threw away my Almanac, moved away but I came back
I would’ve been a damn fool to climb out of the wheat pool
Out there on the grid road, droppin’ the blade on the snowplow
Take ‘er easy and take ‘er slow there’s two miles of ditch for every mile of road


My gal’s an aggie up at Toontown she always orders a double round
Fine trailer and a sweet chasis ain’t got nothin’ on my Massey
She’s a tailgate party queen the roughest rider you ever seen
Moose Jaw and Indian Head, it ain’t as flat as everyone says

So I guess I’ll bid farewell and head on down to the Bonspiel
We might lose, we might win, we’ll surely do a lot of drinkin’
Back fourty moonshine, homemade chokecherry wine
Grab your broom and let’s get goin’ , this is where I’m born and where I’m from

Anonymous said...

Wearing your skin tight lime green and white spandex, Yewww !!!!!!! "We want Yantzy" " We want Yantzy"