Thursday, September 18, 2014

"This and That"

Just the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind in no particular order

  • Two of my favourite all-time Riders are getting recognized this weekend at the Plaza of Honor. I couldn't be happier for Chris Szarka and Reggie Hunt to get their moment in the sun. While you can talk to Zark anytime since he's still in Regina and a part of CKRM's Rider team, it was great to chat with Reggie in the Sportscage on Thursday. The guy looks like he still could get out there and play.

  •  The NFL is taking one hit after another over the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson situations as the debate continues, especially the AP situation.  The question I have is while people heap abuse and criticism on the NFL, why do they never issue praise to a guy like Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson who spends a lot of time at hospitals visiting children. Check out his instagram account. Someone perhaps needs to remind America about the Jon Ryan story and how he fought his emotions while his dad was back home dying of cancer and the moment the two of them shared in Green Bay which was a complete surprise to Jon. Why isn't there more stories like Devon Still publicized every week. Yes, the NFL has gotten a black eye (no pun intended) this week, but there is still a lot of good out there amongst the football brethren

  • I will just say it right now and start the campaign. The Saskatchewan Roughriders need to add to their talented receiving corps and draft Regina Rams passgrabber Addison Richards.  The kid is a player and would be a great addition to an already talented group of receivers.

  • I surely can't be the only one who really couldn't really care about the visit to Saskatchewan by Prince Edward. Its not like he is a high profile member of the royal family. Its not the Queen, its not Prince Charles, its not William and Kate. I am just disappointed Edward was not photographed wearing some kind of Rider gear or a watermelon on his head. That would have made a great photo opportunity.

  • Good luck to the Regina Pats this year. My boy Phil Andrews is pretty excited these days and well he should be as its his time to shine again now by doing p x p. The first game comes from Brandon tonight at 630. The home opener is Saturday against the Wheat Kings at 7 with both games on CKRM.  The Saturday game means the U of R Rams at Alberta game will be online on CKRM2. Is that the reason why I have the p x p assignment of the contest?? Whether it is or not, Marco Ricci and I will bring it to you starting at 5 from Foote Field in Edmonton. It will be good to spend some time in the Alberta capital as its been a while since I've been there. It would be nice if I could take in an Oilers game, but perhaps that will happen later this winter.

  • I'm guessing Montreal Expos fans will NOT be cheering for the Washington Nationals in the playoffs. 

  • I'll just come right out and say sucks that the Riders-Ottawa game is on as the same time as the Super Bowl rematch between the Broncos and Seahawks. Yes, the NFL game will be PVR'ed, but yes, sadly I will know the score before I start watching it. Of course, the fact I will be sitting with uberBroncos fan Rob Vanstone in the pressbox may make it somewhat amusing as I keep informing him of the score---one that I hope resembles last year's Super Bowl. I think the bigger question is how is a Super Bowl rematch not a Thursday, Sunday or Monday night game?

  • This is the new mascot of the Dallas Stars.  

          What exactly is this? Is this what happens when Oscar the Grouch and Youppi have intimate relations?  Why? 

  • Week 3 NFL Lock Of The Week --- Patriots over Raiders (DUHH)
           Week 3 NFL Upset Of The Week ---Chargers over Bills

  • As we debate the positives and negatives of a new stadium in Regina, I can't help but see what is happening in Atlanta. At one point, both the Falcons and Braves played at Fulton County Stadium. The Braves then moved into Turner Field in 1997 and are getting ready to move into another brand new facility while the Falcons moved into the Georgia Dome in 1992 and are getting ready to move into a brand new facility. There is talk both Turner Field and the Georgia Dome may both end up being torn apart. ????????  That's really inexcusable and somewhat laughable. 

  • I don't know what was uglier----the Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms or the guys in them last night. That was embarrassing!!!

  • That's all I got. Have a great weekend. GO RIDERS, GO SEAHAWKS!!


Anonymous said...

Broncos/"Seahawks" !

"REDBLACKS"/Roughriders ?

That's a no brainer, live televised NFL Super Bowl rematch. Go Sea Sea !

Addison Richards far and above, better receiver than some current (Bagg) Roughriders roster players.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with you on the royals. Could care less, but then again I have no British blood in me.

Anonymous said...

The CFL should not play games on a Sunday once the NFL season starts. End of story!

Chris G

Anonymous said...

Addison Richards would be Fantuz-like in green. I'm all for it!

Anonymous said...

Whats with the Addison Richards fan club postings? Or maybe its from his agent. Better than Rob Bagg - LOL!

Anonymous said...

Don't think he's better than Rob Bagg right now, but he could be. I'm with ya on this one.

75flyersbestteamever said...

The Vikings made the correct call sitting Petersen...but wouldn't the scenario have been ideal for this:

(phone call from NFL head office to New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton)

NFL Prez Goodell:
--"Hello Coach Payton, it's Roger, yeah about that whole bounty thing a few years back, well, for this weekend the Vikes plan to dress what you want, and I was a little hard on you ...but,...I thought i'd let you know this NFL game tape may experience some "difficulties" in the Superdome...
---I'll toss in a Grover Cleveland bill to the guy who makes this issue easier for me...AND I'll do the same November 24th when Baltimore plays you and Rice is probably back in their lineup...oh wait!!! someones coming!! gotta go!!!
(phone goes dead)

Anonymous said...

If Atlanta wants to get rid of some stadiums, can we take them. I would gladly accept the Georgia Dome. How can they get rid of both parks in such a short time. THAT is a waste of dollars!

Anonymous said...

Taman will have to trade up if he wants Addy. He is top 3. I see him in Montreal or Winnipeg next season.

Anonymous said...

Remember the name Addison Richards, wait for the CFL draft and the aftermath playing career than question as usual why the roughriders gm elected not to draft him, letting the Sk. Football God Mr. Kent Austin steal him out right. A university football player "better than Rob Bagg" ! Rob Bagg playing career never on track and waning, house selling career waiting.

Anonymous said...

Henry Burris will be throwing laser darts right through heavy high Saskatchewan winds and connecting with his receivers at Taylor Field this weekend. REDBLACKS win this contest.

Anonymous said...

Richie Hall for Roughriders Head Coach position when Chamblin moves on to NFL 2015, he deserves it.

How bout dem Bears !

Anonymous said...

Give the Georgia Dome to Saskatoon, they'll surely fill it to capacity each and every game with their new CFL franchise.

Anonymous said...

O'Day will have to trade up if he wants Addy. Taman just the messenger boy who knows nothing about football.