Monday, April 3, 2017

NHL Not Going To 2018 Winter Olympics

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For the first time since 1994, NHL players will not attend the Winter Olympics.
The league has released a statement saying it "considers the matter officially closed."
Negotiations between the league, the NHL Players' Association and the International Olympic Committee have stalled in recent months.
In a statement, the NHL says it was open to hearing from the parties involved but that "no meaningful dialogue has materialized."
The league says it will now proceed with finalizing the schedule for next season.
The NHL Players' Association didn't immediately respond to the league's announcement.
The NHL had been at every Winter Olympics since 1998.


Anonymous said...

Well, it won't happen but Bettman and his band of thieves should be boycotted.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, now the talking heads during intermission can talk about something else.

75flyersbestteamever said...

It would seem like the NHL execs really loved their "world crap of hockey" tourney as the new best on best tourney.
I guess no matter who puts on the Red Maple Leaf tarp come next year we all will still cheer them on. So as Seinfeld once said...we do cheer for Laundry.

Anonymous said...

There isn't a European player in the NHL that wouldn't value an Olympic medal over a Stanley Cup ring. The North Americans? Well, they've been brainwashed. The Euros are right.