Saturday, April 29, 2017

Who Gets The Number One Pick At NHL Draft

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The NHL Draft Lottery goes in Toronto tonight as we find out what team gets the right to select the number one pick in June's draft.

The odds are as follows:

Colorado Avalanche 18.0%
Vancouver Canucks 12.1%
Vegas Golden Knights 10.3%
Arizona Coyotes 10.3%
New Jersey Devils 8.5%
Buffalo Sabres 7.6%
Detroit Red Wings 6.7%
Dallas Stars 5.8%
Florida Panthers 5.4%
Los Angeles Kings 4.5%
Carolina Hurricanes 3.2%
Winnipeg Jets 2.7%
Philadelphia Flyers 2.2%
Tampa Bay Lightning 1.8%
New York Islanders 0.9%

There will be three drawings to determine the top three picks, with the first draw determining the number one selection, the second draw for the second selection and the third draw for the third selection. Once the top three picks have been selected, the remaining 12 teams will be ordered based on the final standings from this past season.

The three lowest-ranked non-playoff teams now have worse lottery odds than they had in the past. For example, the Toronto Maple Leafs, who finished 30th in 2016, had a 20 percent chance of winning the No. 1 pick (which they did). Colorado, which finished 30th this season, will see its odds reduced to 18 percent.

Last year, the Toronto Maple Leafs were awarded the No. 1 pick and chose Auston Matthews and the Winnipeg Jets moved up four spaces to win the No. 2 pick (Patrik Laine).

If you want to have some fun before the lottery starts, the ever-popular simulator is right here 


Anonymous said...

Why does Vegas get such high odds? They should be in the middle of the pack.

Anonymous said...

I ran it 50 times and Colorado then Las Vegas dominated the #1 pick

Anonymous said...

Canucks fall to #5 hahahahaha and Colorado #4..... tanking backfired

Anonymous said...

The Pats fan bus that left Brandt at 9:30am should be getting close to Lethbridge. Enjoy the game and then another 7 hour ride home.

Anonymous said...

5 unanswered Pat goals to win the series and onto WHL FINALS vs Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Champs are Who we Knew they WERE !!!!! CHAMPS of the eastern Conference !~!!!