Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vince Young Releases Workout Video As He Gets Ready For Riders Mini-Camp

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Vince Young is showing people he is serious about making a football comeback.  The quarterback, who will be at Riders mini-camp later this month in Florida, has released a video of him working out in advance of that camp.

Take a look at it right here


Anonymous said...

Working out and actually knowing what is happening on the field are two different things. Wish the guy luck, but I still don't think he can cut the mustard. CFL is completely different from NFL.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news !!!!!!! Better than DD who looked like a fat out of shape always getting hurt green pickle in a tight fitting outfit. Vince on his way to success. Go Riders!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's all a nightmare. But I guess the sooner Young belly flops the sooner Jones will be gone.

Anonymous said...

When is anti-American Anthem QB Kaepernick coming to a CFL Team?