Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Mahura Released By Team Canada------again

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When Canada takes to the ice at the World Junior Hockey Championship on Tuesday against Finland in their opener, they will not have Josh Mahura in the lineup.

Hockey Canada has given the go-ahead for defenceman Dante Fabbro to play in the tournament after he suffered a lower-body injury during camp meaning Mahura is no longer needed. 

After being one of the last cuts, Mahura was summoned back to the Canadian camp because of the Fabbro injury.  Had Fabbro not been given clearance to play, Mahura would have joined Sam Steel as members of the Pats on the team. 


Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas Josh! What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Fabbro better stay healthy for the entire tournament or the what ifs will start if they haven't already.


Anonymous said...

Wrong move. Two periods in and I'm not impressed with this team. For their first so called goal they must have had Glen Johnson and Jake Ireland in the replay booth. There's no way that was a goal.

Anonymous said...

If that 7th D-man Fabbro guy gets injured again, Team Canada coaches may have made a fatal error.

Anonymous said...

He knew what the situation was when he agreed to come back... there were NO gaurantees.