Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dirty Or Not?

The NHL couldn't have asked for more on Sunday afternoon. It was a legitimate Stanley Cup preview as Alex Ovechkin and the Caps met Jonathan Toews and the Hawks in a battle of two of the top teams in the NHL. Its a chance for NBC to showcase Ovechkin. Ovechkin is getting showcased all right because of this first period play is all the talk of hockey today and overshadows what was a great hockey game.

That hit from Ovechkin on Brian Campbell resulted in Campbell leaving. There is a report saying Campbell is done for the season with a broken clavicle and some ribs. Hawks coach Joel Quenneville calls it a tough hit, and a dangerous hit. Was it? I don't think it was a check from behind. The NHL will look into it and decide if there will be any supplemental discipline. Its not a head shot, but it is one of those plays that the NHL wants to get rid of. What do you think? Was that a cheap shot or not and should Ovie be suspended?
The WHL season is over and its time for the playoffs to start. Here is your Round 1 sked....


Husky WHL Eastern Conference Quarter-Final
Series A
Moose Jaw @ Calgary Thursday, March 18 7:00
Moose Jaw @ Calgary Saturday, March 20 7:00
Calgary @ Moose Jaw Monday, March 22 7:00
Calgary @ Moose Jaw Tuesday, March 23 7:00
Moose Jaw @ Calgary Thursday, March 25 7:00
Calgary @ Moose Jaw Saturday, March 27 7:00
Moose Jaw @ Calgary Monday, March 29 7:00

Husky WHL Eastern Conference Quarter-Final
Series B
Swift Current @ Brandon Friday, March 19 7:30
Swift Current @ Brandon Saturday, March 20 7:30
Brandon @ Swift Current Tuesday, March 23 7:00 (Regina)
Brandon @ Swift Current Wednesday, March 24 7:00 (Regina)
Swift Current @ Brandon Friday, March 26 7:30
Brandon @ Swift Current Monday, March 29 7:00 (Regina)
Swift Current @ Brandon Wednesday, March 31 7:00 (location to be determined)

Husky WHL Eastern Conference Quarter-Final
Series C
Red Deer @ Saskatoon Saturday, March 20 7:05
Red Deer @ Saskatoon Sunday, March 21 7:05
Saskatoon @ Red Deer Wednesday, March 24 7:00
Saskatoon @ Red Deer Thursday, March 25 7:00
Red Deer at Saskatoon Saturday, March 27 7:05
Saskatoon @ Red Deer Monday, March 29 7:00
Red Deer @ Saskatoon Wednesday, March 31 7:05

Husky WHL Eastern Conference Quarter-Final
Series D
Medicine Hat @ Kootenay Friday, March 19 7:00
Medicine Hat @ Kootenay Saturday, March 20 7:00
Kootenay @ Medicine Hat Tuesday, March 23 7:00
Kootenay @ Medicine Hat Wednesday, March 24 7:00
Medicine Hat @ Kootenay Friday, March 26 7:00
Kootenay @ Medicine Hat Sunday, March 28 6:00
Medicine Hat @ Kootenay Tuesday, March 30 7:00

Husky WHL Eastern Conference Quarter-Final
Series E
Chilliwack @ Tri-City Friday, March 19 7:00
Chilliwack @ Tri-City Saturday, March 20 7:00
Tri-City @ Chilliwack Tuesday, March 23 7:00
Tri-City @ Chilliwack Wednesday, March 24 7:00
Chilliwack @ Tri-City Friday, March 26 7:00
Tri-City @ Chilliwack Sunday, March 28 6:00
Chilliwack @ Tri-City Tuesday, March 30 7:00

Kal Tire WHL Western Conference Quarter-Final
Series F
Kamloops @ Vancouver Friday, March 19 7:30
Kamloops @ Vancouver Saturday, March 20 7:00
Vancouver @ Kamloops Tuesday, March 23 7:00
Vancouver @ Kamloops Wednesday, March 24 7:00
Kamloops @ Vancouver Friday, March 26 7:30
Vancouver @ Kamloops Saturday, March 27 7:00
Kamloops @ Vancouver Tuesday, March 30 7:00

Husky WHL Eastern Conference Quarter-Final
Series G
Kelowna @ Everett Friday, March 19 7:35
Kelowna @ Everett Saturday, March 20 7:05
Everett @ Kelowna Tuesday, March 23 7:00
Everett @ Kelowna Wednesday, March 24 7:00
Kelowna @ Everett Friday, March 26 7:35
Everett @ Kelowna Saturday, March 27 7:00
Kelowna @ Everett Monday, March 29 7:05

Kal Tire WHL Western Conference Quarter-Final
Series H
Spokane @ Portland Saturday, March 20 7:00 (Rose Garden)
Spokane @ Portland Sunday, March 21 5:00 (Rose Garden)
Portland @ Spokane Wednesday, March 24 7:00
Portland @ Spokane Friday, March 26 7:00
Portland @ Spokane Saturday, March 27 7:00
Spokane @ Portland Monday, March 29 7:00 (Rose Garden)
Portland @ Spokane Wednesday, March 31 7:00

Its my understanding that SHAW/Access will start its playoff coverage with a Western Conference matchup. I would expect that matchup to be Vancouver/Kamloops.
The CFL evaluation camp went this weekend in Toronto. Several players impressed the eight teams including Bishops receiver Steven Turner who ran an eye-boggling 4.31 40. Turner's dash was the highlight of a strong weekend, which saw him finish at or near the top of almost every testing category. He also fared well in one-on-one drills where he participated as both a receiver and a running back. That will definitely improve his draft stock, but I can't see him going number 1 overall to the Argos and I can't see the Riders taking him with the second and fourth pick because of their depth at receiver. I can see "Canada's Team" taking linebacker Cory Greenwood from Concordia with that number two pick and if he doesn't go when it comes to number 4, offensive lineman Danny Watkins from Baylor would be a good add. You can never have enough good Canadian hoggies I say.
The spring thaw is continuing nicely. Soon, methinks I will see the tops of those vodka bottles that have buried by snow in the backyard. After all the snow we had this winter, its nice that its a slow melt and not a big one.
What an outstanding Brier final. Kevin Koe struggled at the start, but he looked like a grizzled veteran at the end. He needed a great shot in the 10th to force Glenn Howard to take one and send it to an extra end and he needed to draw to the button to win it. That is what he did as Alberta wins yet another Brier. It doesn't matter who skips our neighbouring province it would seem as if they just win. Randy Ferbey, Kevin Martin, Koe, whoever.
By the way, how can you not love Vic Rauter and his call of curling. Its great!
Speaking of Edmonton, the U of A Pandas hockey team won the CIS ladies hockey championship Sunday beating McGill 2-0. That win ends an amazing 86 game winning streak McGill had. Alberta had been the last team to beat McGill and that was in December of 2007.
Ladainian Tomlinson joins the Jets. I thought he would go to Minnesota where he would have made a great tandem with Adrian Peterson. I hope the Jets don't think LT can be their featured back in 2010 because I think his best days are behind him.
Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and Syracuse get the number 1 seeds for the NCAA mens basketball tournament otherwise known as "March Madness". Its time to start filling out brackets. I think this is going to be a great couple of weeks of college basketball. The first two days of this tournament are a highlight of the year for yours truly.
That's all I got. Have a good Monday and ask yourself this as you start the day....

If you mixed vodka with orange juice and milk of magnesia, would you get a Philip's Screwdriver?


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Ovie's hit on Campbell was dangerous, and is deserving of a misconduct. Campbell was in a vulnerable position and couldn't protect himself for the hit. I expect Alex will get some sort of suspension ( 1 or 2 games)

Anonymous said...

Ovie's hit was not dirty. He hit Campbell at just the right moment and Campbell lost his balance. Its a tough break(no pun intended) if Campbell is gone for the season.

On another matter, I had the chance to talk to Jordan Eberle for about a minute yesterday. Its the first time I have ever met the young man and I was so impressed with him. That kid has his head on his shoulders and isn't high on himself on all. I really would like to see him light it up in Edmonton next year and win the Calder Trophy. How can you not like the guy?


Anonymous said...

Its my thought that AO Ovi should be suspended. Just because he's better than others don't mean he can get away with hits like those

Anonymous said...

The NHL isn't going to suspend Cooke for the Savard hit, but they might suspend Ovechkin for that. A sure sign that the NHL brass knows absolutely nothing. I found nothing wrong with that hit and didn't think it was worthy of a game misconduct or even a 2 minute penalty.


Anonymous said...

Ovie will get three games. When you injure a player with a check that is deemed a major and a game misconduct, you must sit. end of story!

Anonymous said...

Ovie will unfortunately get suspended, Cooke did not because he plays with Sid the Baby and you can not suspend people on his team without his permission. Otherwise he whines and does anyone want to deal with that.