Thursday, March 18, 2010

Opening Night Stunner

My good friend Kelly Remple must be ecstatic this morning. The unofficial mayor of Moose Jaw(sorry Glenn Hagel) had to be a happy man after the Warriors go into Calgary on night one of the WHL playoffs and stun the league-leading Hitmen 4-2. Moose Jaw, who went into the game without Quinton Howden, scored three times on the power play while Jeff Bosch stopped 48 of 50 shots sent his way as the Warriors take the opener.
It sets the stage for what should be a wild Civic Center on Monday. Warrior fans would be behindd their team if they were down 2-0, but knowing they could be coming home with no worse than a split means they will be ready to go making life for Calgary that much tougher.
The Broncos-Brandon series and the other 6 six first round matchups will start tomorrow. Access will have the Kamloops-Vancouver game for us. Of course that Swift Current-Brandon series will stop at the Brandt Center for Games 3 and 4 along with 6 and 7 if necessary. With Swift Current in town, I sincerely hope that my good friends Rob Vanstone and Chris Hodges get a chance to have a good sitdown with Mark Lamb. Both Rob and Chris are fans of the Winnipeg Jets and it seemed as if Lamb's career was punctuated with several big goals against the Jets in the playoffs when he played for the Oilers. I'm sure both Rob and Chris would be spell-bound with stories of that series from Mark.
Nothing official from the Riders, but the website is reporting the club has signed linebacker Barrin Simpson. Nothing against the 32 year old, but I hope he comes cheap. I don't think Rey Williams will end sticking with the Steelers thus he'll be back. I think Mike McCullough is more than adequate to man the middle until Rey returns. He does add some much needed veteran leadership on the defence though and that is needed with the loss of Eddie Davis.
What a great day of college basketball. I'm guessing that those of you who filled out brackets did not have Ohio and Murray State on yours. President Obama picked Murray State on his bracket though so what did he know. The first day had 3 overtime games with one of those three going to double overtime before being decided. In the words of Dick Enberg, "Lets go to Greg Gumbel in New York". No that wasn't the line, the line was "What a theatric and thrilling Thursday!"
I hope today brings more of the same.
Matt Cooke got out of Boston alive. With NHL brass playing tough guy and staring from the rafters, Shawn Thornton grabbed the Pittsburgh pest and knocked him around a little as payback for the hit he delivered to Marc Savard last week. Thankfully, this one did not get as ugly as many thought it might. Hockey has taken a beating since the Olympics and that wouldn't have helped.
Did you see the "alleged" texts that Tiger Woods sent to one of his mistresses. Porn star Joslyn James decided to publish the texts she received from Woods. I felt like taking a shower after reading them. Some of the messages show a desire for rough sex. In a message from August 29, the person she says is Woods says he wants to slap her and that she should beg the next time he sees her. Do you find it somewhat coincidental that these texts come out just days after Tiger says he's coming back.
The Minnesota Wild have done their best to embarass their newest acquisition. Read this!,228609
From the blog of Swift Current radio personality Ryan Switzer.
He believes Sharks forward Patrick Marleau and CTV Regina weatherdude JC Garden are twins separated at birth. HA HA HA!! Ryan, just a tip of advice for you. JC dresses much better than Marleau. If you are in the bowels of the Brandt Centre next week and you are suddenly strangled with a designer tie, I know who to suspect. By the way, tell Keen there is no truth to the rumour that Rod Pedersen was seen at the rink today with his giant bucket of Vaseline.
Congrats to former co-worker Bill Toffan. Bill, who as you know was part of the Bill and Jeff morning team on ROCK 94 and penned me with the "Scruffy" nickname that many still call me today has re-joined the WOLF where I'm sure his talent will be appreciated. He'll be annoying if the Senators have a long playoff run, but if for some reason the Coyotes and Senators should meet in the Cup finals, he and Chris White can set up an octagon on Rose Street and battle it out.

One other piece of radio news, the Z99 Radiothon is going on at the Cornwall Centre. That is the annual fundraiser the station has in which CC, Lorie and Buzz stay awake for 36 hours raising money for the neo-natal unit at the General. Call 522-KIDS and help save babies lives. Having seen these three do this for many years, I applaud their efforts. I don't know if CC and Buzz catch little catnaps here and there, but I know there is no way Lorie would fall asleep. Those two dysfunctional derelicts (I kid) would end up drawing a mustache on her and do some other horrible trick to her. Seriously though, if you can spare a dollar or two, give them a call and do some good.
My youngest daughter brought home a hand-held electronic Yahtzee game a couple of weeks ago after a visit to Grandma's. That game has become addicting. I loved that game when I was a kid!
Gotta run. Have a good Friday and a good weekend.

I leave you with this.

If life was easy, wouldn't you consider life to be a whore? I'm just sayin'.


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Anonymous said...

Kelly Remple isn't the only one feeling ecstatic today. GO WARRIORS!!!! is right!

Did you see the letter in the LP this morning from SC"s mayor. He wants Regina to adopt the Broncos this week because the Pats may have to go there next year. I am 100 percent positive that the Pats could be playing the Russian Red Army and those hicks will cheer for the Reds.

I've got the day off so I'm watching March Madness. I liked what I saw last night.


Bill Toffan-If he's away from Woody, all is good. I might actually turn off the satellite to listen to Billy Boy again. Woody along with Chris and Ballsy were the reasons I bought satellite radio.

Have a good weekend Mitch.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your daily message today. I want to steal that.
Why doesn't SHAW split their feed so that we can see an Eastern Conference series and let the BC folks see the West? Is it $$
I'm a Jets fan, and yes, I remember Mark Lamb. He might as well have Bill Ranford as an assistant!
I just read the Tiger texts. How could this guy concentrate on golf? I wonder as he peered through the gallery just what crooked thoughts went through his head.


Anonymous said...

You guys need to fine Jeff and reunite.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one thinking Rey will be back. If Simpson comes, I hope he comes cheap.


MIke from Vita, MB said...

anyone know who is the Henry Burris lookalike, working on the Score's March Madness? I had to do a double take because he was a ringer for Hank, from a distance.