Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Smell Upset?

In the previous post, I asked if it was must-win time for the Calgary Hitmen. Guess what? The league's top team heads to the crazed confines of the Civic Centre down 2-zip after dropping a 4-1 decision to the Moose Jaw Warriors. I'm guessing there is absolutely no one out there that thought the Warriors could walk into Calgary and take the first two games.
You need goaltending in the playoffs and Moose Jaw is certainly getting that as Jeff Bosch has been amazing while Martin Jones has been a level or three below that. One can only imagine the scene at the Civic Centre Monday. In the words of the late, great Ed Whalen, it will be "a ring-a-ding-dong dandy".

With the play of the Warriors, I ask you this Regina hockey fans. Would you rather head to the Civic Centre for that series or stay in Regina for the Brandon-Swift Current matchup? The Wheat Kings have a 2-0 lead in that best of seven and seemingly have things in control. You won't have to worry about it Monday, but if you had your choice as to where to go on Tuesday where it would be. I know where I would be.
What's this Crashed Ice thing that came on after Hockey Night in Canada? It looks interesting. If you are asking if the blonde reporter with Scott Oake and PJ Stock whose last name is Larionov is Igor's daughter. The answer would be yes!
Jordan Eberle is having no problems fitting in with the Springfield Falcons of the American Hockey League. He had a goal and two assists and was named the game's first star as the Falcons beat Hartford 4-2. Eberle now has two goals and three assists in two games. In 11 career AHL games now, Eberle has five goals and nine assists for 14 points. If you go to, you can see highlights of Jordan's first two games in a Springfield uniform.
If you are on Facebook, (and really who isn't these days) I have been asked to provide a link to a group who wants a dome built in Saskatchewan. I'm all for that. Here is that link for you to join if you support the project. There are almost 4300 supporters so add your name on the list if you wish.!/group.php?gid=39644763684&ref=nf
Northern Iowa----you are a bracket-buster! My bracket and that of many others came to a screeching end Saturday as the Panthers beat number one ranked Kansas 69-67. This year's NCAA tournament has been defined by its upsets. Eight double-digit seeds moved through the bracket in the first round. No. 10 Saint Mary's beat Villanova on Saturday and No. 11 Washington shoved aside New Mexico. However, no upset was as big as this one as Kansas becomes the first number one seed since 2004 to lose in the first two rounds. I think another one could go down today when Gonzaga takes on Syracuse.

How about this from Georgia Tech basketball coach Paul Hewitt. He sensed his team wasn't being very team-like on some road trips late in the season. He told his team that from this point forward, that when you get on the bus, you leave your cellphones and laptops at home and that you can only turn on Ipods once you get to the stadium. That way instead of talking to others through text messages or e-mails, you talk to your teammates. It seems to work as Georgia Tech has gotten past the first round of the NCAA's. They will be in tough today as they take on Ohio State. Many now favour the Buckeyes to win it all after Kansas' demise. By the way, ESPN had over 1.3 million people fill out a bracket on their website, and 42 percent of those 1.3 million had Kansas winning it all. NOPE!
Jesse James! What exactly were you thinking? You decided to cheat on Sandra Bullock for some walking, talking and I'm guessing somewhat diseased tattoo. Have you seen this thing that James was allegedly with. She is covered in ink. She even has a tattoo on her forehead! Who would find that to be attractive? If a woman wants to get a little tattoo somewhere, that's OK, but those that decide to use their arms or legs for a canvas are just a little off-base if you ask me. I don't find that to be sexy at all. In fact, I find it to be a little nauseating at times. Hey, that's just me though!
How about the U of S Huskies. They beat top ranked Carleton at the CIS mens basketball championship and will play for gold today against UBC. Its been a great year for the Huskies on the hardwood.
Have yourselves a great Sunday. It looks like its going to be another great day so get outside and enjoy it!


TM said...

If there is one team in the Eastern Conference who can give the Brandon Wheat Kings FITS it is Moose Jaw. I am basing this on seeing one match up at the crushed can, just to see the crushed can before the bulldozer, but they looked like they owned the Wheaties and Kelly McCrimmon was having a meltdown. Hope they make it!

Anonymous said...

Curtis Hunt or whoever should take some advice from the Georgia Tech coach. What a great thought! Years ago, guys had no choice but to talk to one another. That option has basically disappeared thanks to cellphones, PSP's, etc, etc.
Those are huge distractions to young men who should be concentrating on getting into a zone with their teammates and not individually.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the pornstar that Jesse James used to be married to? Talk about a tattooed mess. He obviously doesn't share the same thoughts you do when it comes to women. Either do I. I don't mind if a woman has tattoos as long as they don't cover her body and they are somewhat artistic.


Anonymous said...

GO WARRIORS! GO DAWGS! The win over Carleton ended a dynasty yesterdday. I think they had won 5 or 6 straight national titles. Impressive win indeed!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Ovechkin dating Larionov's daughter?