Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is It Must-Win Time Already?

Its only Game 2 of their first round matchup, but for the Calgary Hitmen, one has to wonder if its must-win time tonight when they entertain the Warriors. Moose Jaw won the first game thanks to goalie Jeff Bosch. He stopped 48 shots in a 4-2 victory. It was a game where Moose Jaw didn't get a shot on goal in the 3rd period.

Through the magic of Twitter, I spoke with former Moose Jaw play-by-play guy(and all around good man) Bryn Griffiths and he said you give that crowd the smell of blood and it could be a nuthouse. It could be? I'm guessing that everyone in Moose Jaw is talking about the Warriors and Game 2 tonight. I won't lie to you. I'd rather see that game on Access/Shaw tonight than the Vancouver/Kamloops matchup, but whatever. Yeah, I'll likely tune in to hear "my brutha from a different mutha" James Gallo to see what is going on.

If the Warriors should pull out Game 2, I don't know how many people will squeeze into the Civic Centre for Game 3 (Can they play that game in Regina?). It won't be easy for Calgary coming in even at one to take control of the series, but if Moose Jaw is up 2-0, the Hitmen might not be able to think once they walk inside that rink. Who's kidding who, they might not be able to think once they hit city limits.

The top team in the league(and my pick to win it all) is already under the gun. So does that make tonight a must-win? I wouldn't go that far, but it is one of those you had better win or else scenarios.


Anonymous said...

A Warriors win tonight and that Canadian Tire had better be stocking some brooms.

Anonymous said...

MJ is now THE place to be. Screw Swift vs. Brandon. That game in the old Crushed Can will be AMAZING! I am a Pats fan first, but will be lending MJ my 100% support from here on in. God I love the balls that team has. And they are doing it WITHOUT Howden??? Gimme a break!

See you disgruntled Pats fans in 'The Jaw' on Mon night! Nothin' like playoff hockey in the Dub! Bosch for Prokop. (Oops)

Anonymous said...

These two teams have now played 3 series in the past 5 seasons. I drove down for Game 6 in Moose Jaw back in 2006 when they beat Calgary to advance to the Eastern Final against Med Hat (and later WHL final vs. Vancouver)... THE loudest arena I have EVER been in. Justin Poggee (Hitmen goalie) was soiling himself. Fans were SCREAMING "POOOOOOOGGGEEEEEEEEE" so loud it was literally deafening! My son had to hold his ears. Fans won MJ that game, Hitmen were rocked that night.

Warriors in 6!!!