Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Won't Find This Everyday

This is the Sunshine girl for Saturday March 7. You can go to the to check it out for yourself if you wish. There is always a write-up on the girl of the day and I kid you not, this is what it says for this lovely lady.

SUNshine Girl Angelina is 21 years old and she says her hobbies include making prank calls. She is a contestant in Maxim mag's hometown hottie contest. Steer clear of Angelina if you see her on a date, because she likes guys who fart in public. Honest. (Todd Gillis photo)

How many of you are now saying. "I'd have a great shot with this one". You can put your hand down now. There aren't many girls like this one out there. I'm guessing she loves sports and hopefully hates "The Bachelor" and all that other reality TV crap!


Anonymous said...

If she likes older men, I'll introduce her to Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Who can't love a girl like that?