Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its Official!

The Edmonton Oilers are now just one ping-pong ball away from securing Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin. Last nite's 5-4 loss to Detroit clinches that Edmonton will finish dead last in the NHL standings. It also means they should have a great shot at having the first selection of the 2010 draft---a selection that will either be Hall or Seguin who by the way are playing one another in an Ontario Hockey League playoff series starting this weekend.

Being the Oilers fan I am, this should be a very sad day, but the realization is that this is a great day because the rebuilding starts now. The foundation this team had has been stripped away. I'm guessing every available scout and club management will watch every move Hall and Seguin make in their head-to-head battle as they decide what player to take. The reality is that one of the two will call Edmonton home as even if the Oilers don't win the lottery, they can finish no worse than second. I don't know if I'm a fan of that formula as I think the worst team should be allowed to tumble to at least four, but whatever. Some scouts say picking between Hall and Seguin is like picking between Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. It will be no easy choice. Speaking of Kane and Toews, you have seen what they have done since joining the Hawks and what that organization has done over the last few years. With players on the roster now like Hemsky, Penner, Gagner, Gilbert and Whitney and the new faces that will arrive in Eberle, Paajarvi-Svensson, Chorney and either Hall or Seguin, I am confident this team will emerge as a contender by the 2012-2013 season and that they will be a much better team going into next year. I'm not going to get back on the Josh Harding to Edmonton soapbox at this time, but I would love to see that as well. Speaking of which, Harding's season is done in Minnesota after he suffered a hip injury. I truly hope that is the last time Josh wears a Wild jersey. It is time for him to become a number one goalie somewhere.


The Regina Red Sox have released their 2010 schedule. Here it is....

I don't know about you, but I love getting out to Currie Field a couple of times a year to watch the Red Sox play. Its the closest thing to big league baseball that we are going to see and while these guys aren't close to being professionals, they are guys that are good and in some cases, dream of having a pro career. I wonder if the day will ever come that Regina could have a franchise in the Northern League or some semi-pro league, but if that happens, what happens to the Red Sox. Bernie Eiswirth and crew have done a great job in getting the Red Sox going again and it would be a shame to see those efforts get wasted if a higher calibre of ball came here. It truly is a double edged sword.


My favourite part of the Rider 100th anniversary celebrations is the "Where is Riderville?" contest. That is where cities and towns across this great province let the Riders know why they should be declared as Riderville. Entrants will be asked why their community should be declared as Riderville. This will be a way for people across the province no matter how big or small their community can get together and get their creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless. How are you going to be able to determine a winner because I know there will be several great submissions. In a province where football is second to none, this is going to be a tremendous contest. Whoever is in charge of judging this contest is A) in for a very enjoyable summer as he or she checks out the various entries and B) is in for a very difficult decision when it comes to who wins and who doesn't. I'm really looking forward to seeing who does what. With all apologies to Saskatchewan cities, I am hoping the winner is a small-town. By the way, there is no truth to the rumour that the winning town gets uber-Rider fan Ricky G to live there for a year. That would just be too much! Sorry Rick, it was there though so I had to take it!
By the way, that video commemorating 100 years is fantastic!


What the h-e double hockey sticks did Donovan McNabb do to perhaps get traded to the Raiders? Is this what his time in Philadelphia gets him. McNabb must be shuddering thinking he could be off to football hell. With talk that the Vikings would be interested in Donovan's services should Brett Favre retire, I am thinking McNabb should be texting, visiting, doing whatever he can to convince Brett to call it a career.


Jack Swagger wins the WWE heavyweight belt on Smackdown by beating Chris Jericho. Really? Jack Swagger! Chris Griffin! I understand wanting to get some young talent over, but Jack Swagger? BOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Who at the start of the SJHL season had La Ronge playing Yorkton in the league final? Who at the start of the playoffs had La Ronge playing Yorkton in the league final? Be honest!

Back to the Riders, I heard a trade rumour last night that I think is a little out there. It involves one of our offensive linemen and if it happens, it would see that player and prospects/picks going to a Western Division rival for one of my favourite CFL players. I would be ecstatic if it happened, but I can't see it going down. Because of that, I will not name the players going each way. If it does come down though, remember where you heard it---sort of!
That's all I got for now! Later!


Anonymous said...


Who is your favorite West division Player ......??

mongo said...

go terriers!!! spent many a night in the agriplex cheering on the boys and going to the curling rink during intermissions for some of the best damn fries in yorkton!!!

comparing hall and seguin to toews and kane??? really??? that might be a tad early...but i guess comparisons are made all the time...

choosing one town as riderville is like picking one of your kids as your's just wrong...SASKATCHEWAN...make that CANADA IS RIDERVILLE!


Anonymous said...

Is it to BC for Brent Johnson ?

Anonymous said...

Brent Johnson?

Anonymous said...

Is there a way Edmonton could package up a couple of forwards and maybe their number 1 next year to get both Hall and Seguin? That would be amazing if they could.

Anonymous said...

You have often said that you're a huge Brent Johnson fan. Is it him? Goodspeed for Johnson? I would go for that. How about Smith? I wouldn't like Bell going for Johnson, but I would go with the other two. SPILL THE BEANS!

Terry C

Anonymous said...

Johnson is 33 years old and is coming off a 6 sack season. Oh joy.