Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rider Season Ticket Sales Are Soaring

Saskatchewan Roughrider President/CEO Jim Hopson announced today the ticket sales for the upcoming CFL season at Mosaic Stadium, have surpassed the 23,000 mark.

“We continue to be overwhelmed by the support of Rider Nation,” stated Hopson. “We find ourselves in a unique position thanks to the dedication of our fans.”

On Monday season ticket sales opened to the public and since that time, new season ticket and flex pack sales have escalated to a level where the team is now looking at capping the amount available.

“We are urging fans to get their season tickets now so that they are not disappointed,” added Hopson. “For the first time we are looking at capping the amount of season tickets available, so that we can ensure there are tickets available for game day sales and flex pack redemption.”

The Roughriders have set a tentative cap mark of 25,000 for season tickets and flex packs which will leave only a limited amount of season tickets available for purchase.

“There are of course still tickets available but we realize that if they continue to sell at this rate, we will have to cap them at 25,000,” Hopson concluded.

Season tickets and flex packs will remain on sale until the limited quantities are sold. Flex pack redemption will take place on May 25th until May 31st while single game tickets will be available for purchase beginning on June 1st.

The team will again install temporary seating in the southwest corner in the stadium to accommodate fans and increase seating capacity at Mosaic Stadium for the 2010 season.

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I'm guessing the blackout(s) have been lifted.