Monday, March 29, 2010

It Wasn't Meant To Be

Bus rides from Calgary can be long after a defeat, but for the Moose Jaw Warriors, it must be a little longer and a little more painful. Yeah, the Warriors weren't supposed to beat the Calgary Hitmen in the first round of the WHL playoffs, but they sure came close and they gave the heavily favoured Hitmen everything they could handle.
Moose Jaw had three chances to knock off the Hitmen, but they couldn't do it as Calgary took Game 7 in convincing fashion by a score of 6-2 to move into the 2nd round by the hair on their chinny, chin chin.
The Warriors weren't supposed to do this and with many players coming back, the experience they received over the past two weeks will do them a world of good next year.
I love the fact SHAW gives us WHL action that we can see all winter, and I love the fact they saw the opportunity to show us Game 7 from Calgary, but I am very disappointed with their decision to show Medicine Hat-Calgary in Round 2. Brandon-Saskatoon will be a great matchup and people across Western Canada deserve to see those two teams going at it. Nothing against Medicine Hat or Calgary, but it won't be the series that the Wheat Kings-Blades one will be. I wish SHAW would drop their Calgary-Vancouver bias and show the best series available. Saskatoon is just as important to SHAW as Calgary is so why not show the Blades. Bottom line though is we are getting to see hockey that we wouldn't if it wasn't for SHAW so I guess I shouldn't complain too loudly.
Ricky Martin is gay! Wasn't this news 10 years ago! Tell me, is anyone really surprised by this!
I applaud Jennifer Jones for firing back, but I don't know if I agree with everything she says. If you haven't heard, Jones became very emotional Sunday after winning a bronze medal at the World Womens Curling Championship because of the line of questioning she received. Jones is right when she lists off what her Winnipeg rink has done.
Her resume puts her up there with other great Canadian female foursomes like Colleen Jones and the late, great Sandra Schmirler. What she has done for the sport in this country can not be measured. She became upset because the colour of the medal she had was not gold--its the colour that was expected of her. She still finished 3rd which is nothing to sneeze at. I don't have to tell you that Canadians are very protectional when it comes to our sports. Hockey and curling are two of those sports. I don't have to tell you the criticism Hockey Canada takes when it doesn't win on either the mens or womens side. Our curlers are also seen as the world's best by many in this country and second won't do.
Kevin Martin never won the big game for a long time. Its something he has managed to now do. Cheryl Bernard's status went down big-time after she failed to win gold in Vancouver and shse should have. I don't care what you say, but Bernard blew it in that gold medal final. When you are the best in your country in a sport that country excels in, yes the expectations are high. I think we understand if it doesn't happen year after year after year especially at a time when the gap between Canada and the rest of the world is shrinking. I understand the frustration and I understand the complaint, but Jennifer, and Kevin Martin and Kevin Koe and whoever should just be happy that they are a face of the sport in this country and that its a sport that is publicized tremendously. I'm sure there are others out there who don't win a medal that would love to explain why they didn't yet they don't get the opportunity because no one cares.
Guys, if you saw Monday's episode of Two and A Half Men, did you howl as hard as I did. That show basically summed it up for us when it comes to the better half didn't it. A very accurate portrayal.
----- has a series of mock drafts on their website. Pats forward Jordan Weal is not considered a first rounder in any of them, but in three of the four. Dylan McIlrath and Quinton Howden of the Warriors are late first rounders. McIlrath is good, but is he first round material?
Wrestling is fake, but the last 20 minutes of RAW last night and the Shawn Michaels farewell was as real as it gets. That was great TV! I don't think Michaels will end up with TNA. By the way, TNA is just plain bad.
If WWE wrestler Jack Swagger was a cartoon character, he would be Chris Griffin!
Does anyone care if the Raptors make the playoffs or not?
As you go into Tuesday, I leave you with this....
If you're a young Mafia gangster out on your first date, I bet it's real embarrassing if someone tries to kill you.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on SHAW's decision. Calgary-MH won't even be close to Brandon-Stoon. I guess when SHAW is based in Calgary and Vancouver though that is what we should expect.

I disagree with you on Jones. She gets to these events and then fails! Why is that! I don't think she is mentally tough enough to compete on the world stage. Quit snivelling and play the way you can.


Anonymous said...

The Shawn Michaels farewell was great. I don't know why, but I think he will be back by late 2010.
Is Bret now done with the WWE or is he staying on? I'm guessing he is done since he really can't fight anyone because of his health.


Reality Checker said...

I am not a basketball fan per se but when the Raptors are playing well I do follow them. Really enjoyed their run a few years back with Carter. Unfortunate that they have been so up and down this year. They have the talent but some nights they forget that byou ahve to paly D. I hope they make it. Would ahve been nice to have been the 4 or 5th seed as they had a chance. 8th seed vs Cleveland will be a short run.

Anonymous said...

Dylan McIlrath is a first rounder and Jordan Weal isn't. This kid just continues to get disrespected. Is it the organization he plays for?

Anonymous said...

Two and A Half Men is the funniest show on TV. The episode last night( a repeat BTW) was purely hilarious and yes, it portrays men perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer has nothing to apologize for. Her road to the Worlds is easier because she is Team Canada at the Scotties, but winning Canada is extremely tough. When you look at the quality rinks that don't even get to a Scotties, it says something. Jennifer has been a tremendous ambassador for womens curling and I hope she's around to try for Sochi.


Anonymous said...

I really find it strange there isn't more interest in basketball here when you consider the success of both University programs and the house leagues both Regina and Saskatoon have. I admit though that if there is a choice between hockey and basketball on the tube that I am watching the hockey game. That might be the answer in itself.


Anonymous said...

The gap between Canadian Women's curling with the rest of the world is quite slim. A few years ago there was a major shift, or changing of the guard when Colleen Jones was finally knocked off, and their team broke up. Problem is no one has excelled. Jennifer is hot and cold (as we saw this week), Bernard was a middle of the road Canadian team before she became an Olympian, and Kelly Scott's team has lost their edge. Shannon Kliebrink may be the best Canadian Women's team, or most consistent, but they can't seem to get past being the bridesmaid.

Canada has great depth of great teams, but we're missing one or two elite teams that the rest of the world (Sweden, China, and now even Scotland) have.

Little Johnny

Anonymous said...

I can't put Jones team in the same breath as Schmirler's. Schmirler was 3 for 3 at World Championships and also has the Gold Medal from Nagano. Jones is 1 for 4 at Worlds and hasn't represented this country at an Olympics. C'mon. Schmirler never failed on the international stage...Jones is making a habit of it. BTW, Collen Jones record at Worlds is just as bad (2 for 6) and of course never won the Trials either.
Neither of them come close to Sandra's team. Not even close.