Thursday, March 4, 2010

Overtime Changes/Blah Blah Blah From Brett

I have said it once and I'll say it again. CFL commissioner Marc Cohon is the best commissioner out of the major pro sports leagues there is. He understands it. He knows what is needed to make the game prosper. He wants the fans to have their say about the game they are so passionate about. After asking fans what changes they would make prior to the 2009 season, he did it again this off-season asking Canadians what can be done about overtime. Its not the answer I like, but it appears as if the rules committee is recommending that teams that score a touchdown in overtime be required to go for a two-point convert by running or passing the ball into the end zone instead of kicking for a single point.
The proposal goes to the league's Board of Governors, which has the final say, later this year.

What I would like to see is teams having to start possession at their own 35 instead of the other teams 45. Make them move the football for a few yards before having a chance at a field goal. As it stands right now, a field goal--albeit a long one--is a certainty without having to move the ball an inch.


The CFL coach of the year gets named today. It should be Ken Miller. Yes, I am biased, but how can you ignore what Miller did in 2009. He took a team that no one thought would finish first in the West and got them to within one painful play of being Grey Cup champs. Marc Trestman is the favourite because his Alouettes won the Grey Cup, but if voters peel away more than who coached the champs when making their decision, it will be Miller.


NFL free agency is underway. With this being an uncapped year, I wonder if the league's heavyweights will break the bank. The NFL and its players association are headed for a work stoppage. I can't see it happening. The NFL surely must see what work stoppages in hockey and baseball did. The NFL is North America's most popular league. Its popularity will take a hit if there are no games. A solution will be hammered out. If its not, there are some idiots in both the NFL office and that of its players association.


Brett Favre was on Jay Leno's show last night. (One fossil who should have retired speaking with one fossil who won't retire)To no one's surprise, Favre said he hasn't decided yet if he is going to play in 2010. We've been through this act too many times. Nobody cares. Correction, nobody cares unless they root for the purple. After the season he had, he should come back, but this is Brett Favre and the drama and the spotlight must always be on him. Just make up your mind before my fantasy football draft(s) come up.


Congrats to U of R volleyballer Beth Clark. She was named a 2nd team all-Canadian last night. Clark and her Cougar teammates begin play at nationals today in Edmonton.


Five games are left for the Pats this year, but their fate is known. They are home to Lethbridge tonite and Prince Albert tomorrow. What type of effort will be given? For some, it will be hard to tell if they have stopped or not! I wonder if the team will grab some of its younger players and insert them into the lineup to give them a taste of what the WHL is all about. It will also be interesting to see if any message is sent this weekend from the fanbase because of the disappointing season that has been had. I understand the frustration and I understand if you stay away this weekend. However, I will say this and that is Jordan Eberle's last home game will be a week from tonight against Brandon. I don't care what your thoughts are about the Pats, Brent Parker, etc. etc. You owe it to Jordan Eberle for everything he has done in a Regina uniform and a Canada uniform to show up for his last game. Kelly Remple and I are going to have it on Access 7 and I would love nothing more than to see a huge crowd for what will be Jordan's swansong. I know asking for a sellout might be a little much, but if you are a casual fan and you want to go to one more game, go next week.


Would you buy this coffee table if it had a Rider theme to it?
Of course you would. I would! Why am I thinking someone will see this and start making some Rider coffee tables very soon. If you see them, remember where you saw it first!

I'm all for a new football/multi-purpose stadium, but I'm a little wary of this 1.2 billion dollar project that would see a 55-thousand seat facility with a Las Vegas style hotel and casino being built downtown. First off, Regina doesn't need a 55-thousand seat stadium. 35-40 is just fine. I'm not even big on the design of what the new place would look like. The deal would be contingent on the Wall government selling both Casino Regina and Moose Jaw. It doesn't sound as if that is going to happen so perhaps all this is is just a bunch of smoke.


My youngest daughter didn't have school last Friday, she doesn't have school this Friday and she doesn't have school next Friday. Easter break is also fast approaching. WTF?? Is it just me or do kids get more time off than what we did when we were hitting the books. It seems to me as if students can't go to school for a full two weeks without getting a day off somewhere. Speaking of school, I am going back to my old high school this weekend as my oldest daughter is taking part in the city wrestling championships. I think I have been in the sacred halls of Campbell Collegiate once, maybe twice since graduating way back when. I might have to do some wandering and some reminiscing this weekend. I just pray to god that they don't have my grad photo kicking around somewhere. Even if they do, it will be good to look back at what once were my fellow classmates. I missed a reunion last summer for personal reasons, but I did see a lot of pictures. OK, enough of the sentimental crap!


Like him or not, TSN's Ray Ferraro is never one to sugar-coat anything. His cutting attack on Habs forward Maxim Lapierre in which he called him gutless and cheap for hiding behind an official after he cross-checked San Jose's Scott Nichol from behind into the end boards during the 3rd period of last nite's game was bang on. Ferraro pulled no punches in labelling Lapierre as gutless and calling his check "garbage". He also went on to say had Lapierre been playing during his time that he would be picking up his teeth. LOVE IT! I don't think Pierre would ever say that about a player. You know Lapierre will hear about it too.


Who has Sid's glove and stick from Sunday's gold medal win. Somebody must have gone through the video to find out by now. The question I have is "Did anyone get the puck?"


As you go into your Friday, I leave you with this.....
"If you were to throw your cat out the car window while driving (something I don't endorse), would it then become kitty litter?
Have a good one!


mongo said...

i'd be intrigued to see the CFL go one step further and eliminate kicking converts point for scoring from the five yard line and two points for scoring from the from the two and a half yard line and two from the five...leave the placements for field goals...

the coach of the year award is a do you value one guy who brings a team up from the depths of the unexpected to one who keeps a team expected to win firing on all cylinders...who's to say one is more impressive than the other...

LOVE the coffee table...and totally agree with ferraro's assessment...and i'm a life long habs fan...that was beyond cheap...i miss the olympic hockey already...watching the NHL pales in comparison...


Anonymous said...

1. Let me just tweak your idea for CFL overtime. Put the ball at midfield. Because of TV, the league wants to get the game done and not have the prospect of some long drives. Going for two is also the right call.

2. Miller should win coach of the year, but he won't because the Canadian media doesn't see what everyone here sees. It will be Trestman. Sad but true.

3. If no one talks about Brett Favre, he will just go away. If he is a true team player, he will tell the Vikings before the draft. He should have done it now before free agency, but Brett is what he is and that is someone who cares about himself and not the team he plays for.

4. There is too much animosity to have a big crowd at the BC for Eberle's finale. It is too bad because the kid deserves it. I for one will stand up and applaud him at games end.

5. Teachers have it way too easy these days. Every time they talk strike, I laugh.

6. Ferraro was right. Lapierre is garbage. The NHL should suspend him for at least 10. Lets see if you're smiling then Max!


8. Have a good weekend! Between this blog and Pedersens, I'm always entertained. You two really should work together.


Anonymous said...

If Miller isn't named coach of the year, its a crime! What more did the man have to do? I agree with you Mitch.


Anonymous said...

This new stadium proposal isn't going anywhere. It will be dead within a month.

Miller should be coach of the year. He should have been last year too.

I haven't seen video on the Lapierre hit. Where can one find it?


Anonymous said...

TSN? CBC? I don't know if Ferraro's assessment will be attached though.

Anonymous said...

Good on Ferraro. Its on the TSN website. That was garbage and Lapierre is gutless. Interesting to note that I watched the game with the San Jose feed last night, your buddy Remenda was more critical of the ref for not calling a penalty then he was with Lapierre.

That should be at least 5 games if not more. That isn't the way the game is to be played.


Anonymous said...

Glen: Let me guess, you're a teacher right?