Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where Do You Stand?

From Reuters

Have you ever had the feeling that your loved one misses the dog more than you when he or she is away on a business trip? You may be right.
A third of Americans admit to pining for their pooches more than their partners when out of town. But maybe that's because nine out of ten of them feel their pet is more pleased to see them after a hard day at work and is even more likely to notice when they've had a bad day.
Your partner's relationship with your dog may be closer than you thought and it might be going on behind your back. Around one is seven dog owners say they have “shared a look'' with their dogs at least once and even more than that claim to be able to read their pet's facial expressions.
And ever wondered what's behind the long gaze into pooch's big brown eyes? Your partner may be one of a third of dog owners who swear it's an entire “conversation'' without words.
And it doesn't stop there.
Many Americans turn to their four-legged friends for solace before friends and family. Nearly two thirds believe their dogs are more dependable than their closest comrades and over 70 percent would rather go for a walk with pooch when feeling uptight than hang out with their best buddy.
These are the results of a survey commissioned by dog snack maker Pup-Peroni that questioned over 1000 U.S. dog owners about the feelings they have for the pup in their life. The hold dogs have over their owners' emotions is striking.
Over two thirds say they feel more guilty about leaving their dog behind when traveling than leaving friends or loved ones. A majority say their pooch makes them feel happy, loved and relaxed.


Anonymous said...

What do dog owners and pimps have in common?

They both loves their bitches

Little Johnny

Anonymous said...

What's the old joke? Lock your wife in the car for two hours and lock your dog in the car for two hours. What one is happier to see you when you open the door? HA HA HA