Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Day Before

Fog is making life difficult for everyone except the Saskatchewan Roughriders it would seem on this day before the Western semi-final. Perhaps it even affected the Riders. The team didn't hold a run-down like they normally would because of the frost on the field. Head coach Ken Miller didn't want to risk anyone tweaking anything even though those day before walk-throughs aren't very strenous.

The Lions are late in getting in. The game-day officials are unable to get in because of the fog (BTW: Kim Murphy will be the ref tomorrow) and TSN's Chris Cuthbert is also unable to get in at this time. (Get ready Lee Jones---your time may be here)

When the Lions finally get here, I'm guessing someone might want to talk to Yonus Davis. He takes a shot at the Rider special teams with this comment today in a Vancouver paper...

First of all, Saskatchewan is a whole different team than Hamilton,” Davis says. “Hamilton is a lot faster. They have a lot of cats who played over here in B.C., and they were on kick and punt return coverage as well. Those guys are physical and they’re fast. That’s the difference. Saskatchewan doesn’t even compete. Their special teams aren’t on Hamilton’s level. I’m really looking forward to this game. And I know what I have to do – give our team great field position.”

I think you can consider that bulletin board material.
He said it with a big smile on his face, but the Lions might be able to spin it their way. Darian Durant was asked what he expects to see from his counterpart--Travis Lulay in his first career playoff start. Durant's response, "Hopefully four picks and a couple of fumbles". Durant then went on to explain he knows what Lulay is going through seeing he went through it last year and that he expects the BC quarterback to be on his game.
He wants to play, but Barrin Simpson won't. Simpson spoke to the media today saying his ankle feels fine, but it needs one more day of testing. The Riders aren't taking any chances. They announced around 230 that Simpson is off the 46 and is being replaced by Willie Byrd.
Even though its foggy out there today, I sort of wish they were playing in this. It would be another unique Mosaic moment.

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