Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Would Never Ever Happen Here

Like many of you, I listen to CKRM's "Sportscage" on a daily basis. I laughed aloud in an empty home when RP shared this little tidbit.
I just can't imagine this ever happening in Saskatchewan.
I have to think its advantage defence on Sunday in Calgary as the cold weather will hamper both offences. Darian Durant disagrees. He believes that as long as there is solid footing that the offences shouldn't have any great difficulty. I guess we will find out.
If the weather is as cold as predicted (a high of minus 12 and a low of minus 20), Mother Nature could very well determine who wins this game. I think the kicking game will be a disaster and I can't see any long field goals being attempted.
What's the forecast for Grey Cup in Edmonton?
What is Tony Parker thinking? For those who don't know who Tony Parker is, he is the San Antonio Spur who is married to Eva Longoria. Correction! That should be was married to Eva Longoria. The "Desperate Housewives" star has filed for divorce citing Parker wasn't faithful. Tony, Tony, Tony!!! I ask again, what are you thinking?! Then again fellas, she is just a woman right?
Could the Blue Jays actually have some speed at the top of their lineup. They have made a trade with Oakland for Rajai Davis. He's an outfielder who stole 50 bases last year. With Travis Snider, Adam Lind, Vernon Wells and Jose Bautista already thought to be outfielders, where does Davis fit in. I think this means the end of the Lyle Overbay days in T-O as there is talk Snider may go to first.
While we're talking about the weather for Sunday's Western final, lets rewind the clock a little and remind you that it was minus 11 for last year's game in Regina. Who won that game again??? ---
Why was Saskatchewan's self proclaimed sexiest blogger not exuding his sexiness and instead hiding behind a luchadore mask at Sunday's Western semi-final. I don't think Alberta's sexiest blogger will do that this weekend in Calgary. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the shout-outs I was getting from SSB behind the Lions bench, but when you have 30-thousand people in the stadium and a chance at being on the Maxtron, why aren't you displaying your sexiness for all to see instead of hiding behind a luchadore mask. It makes me wonder if he went as Mr. Anonymous!!
I only saw the episode today because I've been busy, but Monday Night RAW Old School with many of the WWE guys that were around in the 80's was too funny at times. Whenever Ron Simmons yells "DAMN", it cracks me up.
My wife and I always compromise. I admit I’m wrong and she agrees with me.


Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Jose Lind? lol "Adam" Lind?

Daydreamer1203 said...

Davis stole 50 bases with Oakland last year and has been in the majors since 2006. He started his career with Pittsburgh and has also played in San Francisco. And who is Jose Lind? :)

Bill White

Anonymous said...

Nice effort by Stampeders fans. I bet a lot of them stay home or give their tickets away for some extra Christmas $$$ on Sunday if its cold.

Anonymous said...

What is Tony Parker thinking?! Why settle for canned meat when you have filet mignon? Wasn't she named the sexiest woman in the world last year by someone?


Mitchell Blair said...

Jose Lind, Adam Lind. That's what you get at 1230 AM with rye and ruffles. YIKES!!

Tyler said...

Tony Parker is a PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL PLAYER. Eva Longoria is beautiful, sure, but he'll be just fine.

And Mitch, no Lucha mask can contain my sexiness. You know this. Plus, it kept me warm. And we all know that warm = sexy.