Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let The Playoffs Begin

The fog has lifted (really?), the Lions are here, the officials are here, the TSN crew is here. Its time to play some football. If the conditions remain the same as they are as I type this, I don't know if those of you in the 200 level will see all of the game, but hopefully you can see the Maxtron.

As I suck back some coffee on this Sunday morning, just a few thoughts

1)Weather will not play a role in this football game. Footing might.
2)The fact the Lions didn't arrive until late means nothing to me. They got a good night's sleep after a long day and they will be ready. Showing up late just gave everyone something to talk about going into game day.
3)Travis Lulay will struggle in his first career playoff start as a pro simply because of the environment. Darian Durant had the benefit of starting his first playoff game at home. Had he been on the road, he would have struggled too.
4)What is Yonus Davis thinking? He better back up his words today
5) The loss of Barrin Simpson in the middle does hurt the Rider defence, but I would rather have him out today than next week and the week after. Mike McCullough WILL make a big play today.
6) Toronto can beat Hamilton today, but I don't see it happening. It will be closer than you think though.
7)After hearing the east-side stands give it to the Eskimos last week, I can only wonder what the leather-lunged faithful have in store for Wally this afternoon. I will patrol the Lions sideline for CKRM again today so I guess I'll find out first hand
8)I was going to go out and get a pair of Sorels until I heard the forecast for today. I think I'll be relatively comfortable on the sidelines today. Think is the key word.
9)To the NFL and the Bills will win their first today
10) If you have Sunday Ticket, watch for what game Gus Johnson does. It always seems as if the CBS broadcast that Johnson is a part of is one of those last play games.
11)Manny Pacquiao now has more wins in Cowboys Stadium than the Cowboys do
12)I'm still not buying the Kent Austin to Edmonton story even though its gaining some legs. I like the chances of Manny Ramirez wearing a Jays uniform more than I like Kent in Edmonton.
13)If Kent does go to Edmonton, will he supplant Henry Burris as public enemy #1 amongst some factions of the Rider Nation
14) If the Riders should lose today(and I don't think they will), you are free to sharpen the knives and go at it. If they lose next weekend(and I don't think they will), dull the knives somewhat because 2nd place teams aren't supposed to win the divisional finals.
15) I could care less about Nazem Kadri. Talk about overkill then again what I should expect from the Toronto-centric Canadian sports media



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Glenn said...

Lets see you get some camera time on TSN Mitch !

Anonymous said...

Yonus Davis will take one back for a TD today thus magnifying how bad Daley has been.

Austin will be PE #1 if he comes back in the green and gold

Anonymous said...

Jeez Rider fans. What is the big deal if a player or coach goes to another team? Are we so full of ourselves that we believe it is a slap in the face or what????
If Austin goes to EE then we realize it is a choice by him to better his families situation. Thats all.