Thursday, November 4, 2010

Problems For New Winnipeg Stadium

From Winnipeg Free Press

Creswin Properties has briefed the stakeholders in the new football stadium project and there is a major shortage of funding.

The stakeholders were given a final price for the proposed stadium with all promised amenities, including a partial roof with coveragefor 80 per cent of the building's seats.

Sources say the price is more than $160 million and the stakeholders are now huddling to determine what comes next. The project will require extra money or the design could be altered to make the stadium fit the $115-million budget used to put together the existing funding package. There is concern the project is in danger of being scrapped altogether.

Bombers chair Bill Watchorn confirmed the stakeholders have been given a report from Creswin and he expects them to meet and make an announcement next week.

The project stakeholders -- the city, the province, the U of M, the Blue Bombers and Creswin -- originally signed a memo of understanding stating Creswin would build a stadium for $115 million.


Mike Stackhouse said...

I thought to myself about 6 months ago that it sounded like Asper was pulling a fast one.

Anonymous said...

This should throw cold water on the Regina needs a new stadium issue. In fact, lets hope this trashcans the idea.


Anonymous said...

Why would you hope that Grant?!? Moron! Mosaic is falling apart and they can't keep bandaiding it up. I'm all for a new Stadium, but the retractable roof Stadium was a pipe dream from day one. Lets build a new outdoor facility and quick style!!

Gorilla Monsoon.

Anonymous said...

If the powers to be would only leave original plans alone I think there would be a lot less cost over runs.There is always tinkering.Adding this and adding that then a big surprise that the project has gone over budget.

I believe if a covered dome is built in Regina you can expect tons of "improvements" and about a 25% cost over run minimum. I was in favour of building a new stadium but now I am not so sure. If the so-called fans reaction is to drop the Riders only after a few losing games can you imagine how empty the stadium would be after missing the playoffs again for several years? YIKES